Cranberry Lime Infused Vodka Recipe
Cranberry Lime Infused Vodka

This is a great way to infuse vodka with some extra winter flavors.

Spiced Cider Holiday Cocktail

This spiced cider cocktail from Brittany Everett is the perfect drink for the Holidays.

The Wineram Experience
The Wineram Experience – Episode 2

Episode 2 of the WineRam Experience takes place in Christchurch and the Greater Canterbury Wine Region with focus on Waipara and Pegasus Bay Winery.

Peter Sisseck
Tasting Notes – Pingus and Peter Sisseck 2009 Vintages

Wine writer Rasmus Palsgaard tries the 2009 vintages from fellow Dane Peter Sisseck, and his famous line of Spanish wines.

Candy Cane Cocoa in a Jar Recipe
Candy Cane Cocoa in a Jar

This lovely peppermint stick cocoa recipe is not only a great treat but, also makes for a spectacular Christmas gift in a jar.

Hunt Club Seattle
Signature Cocktail: The Madison at Hunt Club, Sorrento Hotel, Seattle

A dreamy concoction of citrus, floral and champagne; this drink pays homage to the busy Madison street outside the doors of the Hunt Club.

7 Deadly Sins of Wine: Avoid These Common Wine Mistakes

Enjoying your beverage is always the most important part, but these seven common wine mistakes could take the fun out of it.

The WineRam Experience
Video – The Wineram Experience – Episode 1

This is the first episode of a six part web series on New Zealand’s wine, travel and adventure sports.

Oliveto Cocktail Recipe
Oliveto Cocktail – A Delicious Gin, Olive Oil and Egg White Drink

This cocktail is a successful culinary surprise, built on simple ingredients and techniques to produce something entirely new and delicious.

Pure Fare Coffee Philadelphia
Coffee House Test – Purely Good Coffee at Philly’s Pure Fare

Honest Cooking’s coffee house tester Bill Walsh finds a haven of coffee purity in Pure Fare.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

A flavorful homemade pumpkin spiced latte from Kankana Saxena.

Rhubarb Tea Coolers
Rhubarb Tea Coolers with Raspberry and Thyme

A deliciously refreshing rhubarb tea cooler by Joy Zhang.

Coffe Froth
Fooling the Baristas: How to Make Milk Foam Without a Frother

A quick way to froth milk and create a coffee shop-like cup of caffeine right at home.

Boozy Winter – Vodka Infusions

This winter, experiment with infusing a bottle of vodka with chopped fennel and lemons, or perhaps toasted hazelnuts and coffee beans.

Are You A Comfort Drinker?

Who doesn’t reach for a bar of chocolate or a calorific cake when we’re feeling a bit low on a dark, miserable winters evening? Or perhaps a creamy comfort drink?

Salmon served with a glass of wine.
10 Classic Food & Wine Pairings

Gregory Dal Piaz from serves up ten classic food and wine pairings that just work.

Healthy Smoothie
Chobani Spinach, Apple and Kiwi Smoothie

This super healthy smoothie gives you all the vitamin c you need to fight the colder days.

Pairing Northern Italian Red Wine

Eric Guido, from our friends over at with some tips on how to pair red wines of Northern Italy.

Carrot, Celery and Apple Juice

Juicing is a great way to get those essential nutrients your body needs to repair the damage done to your cells over time.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun
Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns and Home-Brewed Pumpkin Ale

Your morning buns and brew get an autumn update with this season’s favorite flavor.

Mango Lassi – Indian Yogurt Drink

This popular and easy to make drink is a classic and a staple in Indian restaurant menus.

The 6 Wines You Should Have on Hand Right Now

A friendly warning and some recommendations for six wines you should have on hand right now, from our friends over at

Fresh Press with The Crush: Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate and wine. Two of life’s greatest pleasures. But are they actually good together? 

Squeezing Out the Last Little Bit of Summer

Make every last moment of summer count with this refreshing vegetable based cocktail.

Champagne and Chanterelles

Jimmy Forsman improvises a show and tell featuring store foraged chanterelles, and a lovely glass of bubbly.

Fresh Press with the Crush: Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

Whitney Adams and Christina Pickard with a few tips for that sweaty-palmed moment when the textbook sized wine list is placed in your hands.

Refreshing Salty Lassi

A Salty Lassi is a great alternative to the alcoholic beverages during the summer and you can flavor it with any spice you want.

Green Vines: Seeking Out Organic Wine

Choosing an organic/biodynamic wine can be daunting due to the multitude of labeling permutations in the eco-conscious arena. 

Hot Apple Cider for Cold Days

The spices used in this drink give an irresistible flavour and fragrance, but also also add warmth to the apple juice.

Energy in a Cup: All Green Smoothie

After a week of these vibrant green drinks for breakfast, Carly DeFilippo can attest that they’re energy in a cup.

Indonesian Avocado Shake

Rich creamy Avocado Shake served with chocolate syrup dripped on the side of the glass.

Cherry Bourbon Fizz

Bourbon and cherries love each other, and citrus juice and a bit of fizz make this more summery than its Manhattan kin.

Wines for Burgers and Barkers

Welcome to the first installment of the new Honest Cooking column, Fresh Press with The Crush. A wine column for pros and amateurs alike.

Raspberry Limeade with Chia Seeds

A refreshing summer drink with the added bonus of powerful health benefits.

The Perfect Moroccan Mint Tea

Although served in an English tea-cup, Nikki Vivian shares her perfected version of Moroccan Mint Tea.

Classic Cheese and Wine Pairings

These classic cheese and wine pairings are popular because they really complement one another perfectly.

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

A refreshing watermelon cucumber drink for those hot hot hot summer days.

Wine Popsicles, Four Ways

If it’s really time to only drink refreshing chilled wines, let’s go all the way with it. Let’s make some wine popsicles.

Celebrate 4th of July with Red, White and Blue Cocktails

SAIA, a modern Southeast Asian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, serves up two patriot-styled 4th of July cocktails.

Maker's Mark Margarita Rita
Makers Mark Margarita Rita-Rita

The Makers Mark Margarita Rita-Rita is named after Rita Cote, owner of the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, AZ.

The French Wines Bucket List with six outstanding and generally affordable French wines that deliver remarkable value by being the best of their class.

7 Unusual Wines for Pork

Gregory Dal Piaz from Snooth with a list of 7 unusual wines that match perfectly with all kinds of pork.

Front Porch Lemonade with Bourbon, Ginger and Mint

Bourbon, lemonade, ginger, and mint – a perfect drink to sip on a lazy summer evening.

Strawberry Pineapple Buttermilk Smoothie

As the weather warms up, Patty Price finds herself turning to the blender to whip up a fresh cooling smoothie for breakfast. 

Sour Cherry Galette and DreamWeaver Wheat

Cherry pie gets an update with the fruit’s sour counterpart, perfected for summer with a cold wheat ale.

Building a Craft Beer Empire: An Interview With Tony Yanow

What are his tips for anyone who wants to break into the world of craft beer? Jackie Dodd sits down with the king of Los Angeles Craft Beer.

Italian White Wines Worth Tasting

The lovelies over at Snooth came up with a great mini guide to delicious Italian white wines you need to try.

Grilled London Broil with Coffee
Grilling With Coffee: London Broil

Sure you could just drink coffee, but you can also use it to add flavor when grilling. Here’s Mike Crimmin’s caffeinated London Broil recipe.

5 Good Wines from Portugal

Our friends over at Snooth takes us on a trip through Portugal to get us excited about discovering the country’s great vinous treasures.

Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream and Amarillo IPA

As the temperature is rising, you’ll need to reserve one hand for a sweet cup of this homemade ice cream, and the other for a brisk brew.

Cool Off with Doogh: A Persian Yogurt Drink

In the Middle-East and Mediterranean, yogurt is a staple as an ingredient in cooling drinks.

Memorial Day Drink: Honey Ginger Lemonade

A wonderfully refreshing summer drink that can be served both virgin, and with a slight kick.

Asado Coffee of Chicago is Bueno

Bill makes a pleasant visit to Chicago coffee roaster and cafe Asado Coffee.

Summer Cocktail: Cucumber Rose Gimlet

And as we begin to celebrate summer with grills and backyards and whatnots, why not prepare yourself with a refreshing summery cocktail?

5 Summer Beer Cocktails

Although some beer purist maintain that mixing a beer with anything other than a cold glass is sheer blasphemy, the trend is catching on.

8 Must Try Wines From Chile

Gregory Dal Piaz from our friends over at with a list of 8 must-try wines from Chile.

Spinach Banana Smoothie

Tamara Novacoviç with a great and refreshing way to start your day.

Beat the Heat with a Raspberry Cooler

As the temperatures rise; a refreshing drink is the way to chill. Mix the sweetness of berries, tanginess of lemon with freshness of mint to create the perfect cooler.

Juicing with Lower Acidic Citrus and Ginger

Coupling favorites in the world of citrus, the Meyer lemon and the Clementine. For a smoother Citric Experience.

Currant Cakes and Delirium Nocturum

Sweetened, dried currants are blanketed with a flaky pastry in this traditional family recipe, paired with its perfect carbonated counterpart.