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Say Cello to a Good Light Roast

Say Cello to a Good Light Roast

deep cello

Bill catches a fine tune in Deep Cello’s All Day Light Roast.
By Bill Walsh

deep cello

Subject: Deep Cello
Coffee Mugged: All Day Light Roast
Rating: 4+ [see key]

While I love all types of musical implements, few have such a deep effect on me as a well-played cello. One of the few instruments that can weave a harmony so powerfully and so sweetly, it surprises me that there are not more cello players out there (at least in my sphere).

In this way, cellos and coffees share the same scale of prospect. A quality cello played by a masochist is much like a good coffee crop roasted poorly, and visa versa. Deep Cello, a coffee roaster out of Portland, seems to abide by this aspiration of providing well-produced coffees in a well-prepared manner to best equip the public with a quality coffee. I recently tried out they’re All Day Light Roast and after sampling it via drip, siphon and french press, here is what I discovered.

The drip wove notes of milk chocolate, wheat, fig, birch and a slight taste of cream. A light-bodied coffee with a nice mellow sweetness.

The french press was more akin to honey nut cheerios, caramel, wheat, cream and birch, all within a light body with a nice mellow sweelness.

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The siphon held similar flavors, with honey nut cheerios, apple and a touch of cream soda all in a light body.

To put it simply, the easy drinkability and euphoric sweet flavors amidst a smooth body made this a coffee close to a decently-played cello amidst a summer setting sun. Give Deep Cello’s All Day Light Roast a chance.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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