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Gewurz – Sweet, White and Versatile

Gewurz – Sweet, White and Versatile

With times a changing, Indians are looking for wines that go well with Indian food. Rinku Bhattacharya with a tip.
By Rinku Bhattacharya

So the question usually is, what kind of wind do you serve with Indian food. This used to be a harder question to answer, since wine was not quite the Indian thing. Believe it or not, the really correct Indian drink is chilled water.

But, times they are a changing. Indians like their wine, for all kinds of reasons, including of course a wine glass looks trendy to sip from and chat.

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A Gewurztraminer is a German grape and usually tend to be German Wines. Gewurz is a California product from Alexander Valley Vineyards in Medocino County. I am not always a fan of sweeter wines, but I think holidays and summer days are different.

This sweet, fruity and easy going white is a safe choice on the Indian table and most holiday tables, so if you are looking for something on your spring table, you might give this a try. In summer, serve this with a berry salad and you will be thrilled with the results.

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