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A Colombian Coffee With Soul

A Colombian Coffee With Soul

Old Soul Colombian

Bill finds some pretty good coffee in a bag of Colombian from Old Soul Co. in Sacramento.
By Bill Walsh

Old Soul Colombian

Subject: Old Soul Co.
Coffee Mugged: Colombia Suarez Estates
Rating: 4+ [see key]

Sacramento proved to me a surprisingly great city when I visited several years ago. An interesting old town area, downtown and of course, lots of good coffee made for a great place to visit (and I’m sure its a hoot to live in). From what I’ve heard, there’s been improvements with the city and its coffee, with places like Old Soul Co., a once small-scale wholesaler turning into a multi-location coffee establishment and bakery in the past five years..

Never having tasted their wares, I was truly intrigued when they sent me out a few different coffees to review. The first up of these coffees was their Colombia Suarez Estates, sampled via french press, drip and siphon.

The drip demonstrated notes of nuttiness, apple, grass, biscuit, bits of pepper, wheat toast and a little tobacco. A good and somewhat mellow cup though the notes of pepper and tobacco proved a little too potent in the profile.

The french press had a similar make-up, with the apple juice, nuttiness, grass and toast standing alike. But this cup held also unsweetened cocoa, broth and standout curry. A medium body and also a pretty good coffee with a little fleck of pungent bitterness.

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The siphon was the least exciting, with the notes of nuttiness, biscuit, wheat toast, tobacco and only a little apple and honey. Not bland but not a trumpeting cup either.

In a nutshell, Old Soul’s Colombia proved to be a good coffee but proving a little lackluster with certain prominent flavors such as tobacco and curry. No matter, if you’re out for a good Colombian, give Old Soul a go.

note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

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