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Watercress Smoothie Kickstart

Watercress Smoothie Kickstart

How to make a very simple and highly effective morning smoothie based on watercress.
By Pushpa Kumar

Looking for a healthy smoothie to start off you day-give this a try. Smoothies are a quick and less time consuming way of getting all the nutrients. Watercress is loaded with more than 15 essential vitamins and contains more vitamin C than oranges,has more iron than in spinach and more calcium than milk. Having a few servings of watercress a day is proven to be very beneficial to the health and also decrease the damage to cells. Here I have combined a handful of watercress,2 sweet apples chopped,7 walnuts and milk to a blender to blend it to a smoothie. You can make the smoothie more sweeter by adding sweeter fruits or by adding dates.It’s best to drink immediately to reap the nutrients.

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