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White Tiramisu

Without the cocoa powder, this white tiramisu is soaked in rum and has bright flavors of citrus.


Tangerine Yogurt Cake

This French tangerine yogurt cake is a great way to use up the yogurt that is hanging out in your fridge. It’s so simple, soft and delicious.

Winter Citrus Bundt Cake

This winter citrus bundt cake is a bright and cheery dessert with a tender crumb and a hint of almond.

Mandarin Shortbread Cookies

Filled with an icing made with mandarin juice, these mandarin shortbread cookies use the zest and juice citrus fruit.


Blood Orange Almond Cake

This recipe may seem simple, but it’s depth of flavor thanks to the almond batter, citrus on top and a dollop of yogurt when serving, make it out-of-this-world beautiful. Inside and out.


Crucian Herb Tea

Here’s a pair of energizing, detoxifying, and relaxing fresh herb teas that Ridge 2 Reef Farm shared with us in St. Croix.

Citrus Green Tea Kombucha

Give your green tea kombucha a new taste with this summery addition of lemon and thyme.


Minty Cucumber Juicetail

It’s time to break out the juicer for some refreshing quenchers. While many drink juice to start the day, end your day with a juice cocktail. With your favorite spirit gin, shook up with some fresh cucumber juice, lime and Kara’s Minty Simple Syrup you’ll be cool, crisp and zingy.

Orange and Olive Oil Cake

The Orange and Olive Oil Cake is tender and moist with a fresh hint of orange. The olive oil offers a unique flavor to compliment the citrus.


Citrus Yogurt Cake

This bright grapefruit citrus cake is made soft with yogurt and the perfect addition to your weekend brunch table this spring.

Homemade Grapefruit Curd

Sweet and tangy, this grapefruit curd is delicious in a tart, between French macarons, or simply spread on toast for a bright bite.


Sky High Lemon Meringue Pie

Easily made anytime of the year, but especially loved in summer, a lemon pie with a tall meringue is a perfectly bright and tangy dessert.


Candied Citrus Salad

Caramelized citrus slices, like Meyer lemons, add intrigue to a simple green salad with a honey dressing.

Grapefruit-Green Smoothie

Made simply with a few fruits, one vegetable, and a burst of delicious citrus, this smoothie provides a host of nutritional advantages while tasting great.

Tomato Citrus Jam

This is a tomato condiment to crave. With cinnamon and orange zest to give it acidity and depth of flavor, this tomato spread is perfect on sandwiches.


Shrimp Salad with Citrus

A light flavored summer salad with plenty of shrimp to keep you full. Cooked with allspice and citrus, they are bursting with zest.

Citrus Glazed Salmon

An Asian inspired Citrus Glazed Salmon incorporates spring veggies, along with a citrusy kick for a colorful and refreshing twist for dinner.

Citrus and Dill Salmon Kabob

A fresh meal is easy to make on the grill or in the oven with skewered salmon. Add lemon, grapefruit, and dill to the mix for added flavors.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread

A sweet, simple lemon glaze adds a citrusy kick to spiced zucchini bread.

Tangerine Marmalade

Tangerine Marmalade

Homemade marmalade is a great way to preserve fruits and get a taste of citrus all through the colder months.

Citrus Poppy Seed Cake

Citrus Poppy Seed Cake

Despite using over half a dozen eggs, this cake is not at all dense but rather light and almost sponge-like.

Citrus Candied Nuts

Citrus Candied Nuts

If you are a candy nut lover, you will enjoy these nuts and the fresh citrus flavor it lends with just a touch of spice.