Christiane Potts

I'm a mom who loves to cook and I'm taking on the challenge of making magazine recipes at home; without a sous chef, without a test kitchen, without an endless food budget. The result is the truth about how well a recipe comes together, how good it tastes, and how accurate the ingredients and instructions are. For those who want to know before they try, this is for you.

Umbrian Flatbread

Needing only four ingredients, Umbrian Flatbread comes together quickly and results in a crisp, hearty bread straight from the Italian countryside.

Homemade Ginger Beer Soda

Rather than being fermented, this version of ginger beer is more of a simple soda, but is just as delicious and very easy to make.


Orange and Olive Oil Cake

The Orange and Olive Oil Cake is tender and moist with a fresh hint of orange. The olive oil offers a unique flavor to compliment the citrus.


Reinvented Shepherd’s Pie

Comfort food that’s fit for company, this Inside-Out Shepherd’s Pie has all the delicious flavor in a gorgeous presentation.