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Perfect Wine Pairings with Easter Brunch Foods

Spring is here! And with the new season comes holidays that celebrate new beginnings. We wouldn’t want to leave wine out of these celebrations, so check out these favorite foods paired with Cavit wines that are perfect for Easter or any brunch this season. We take our brunching seriously!

Perfect Snacks for the Afternoon Munchies

Almost everyday, 2pm rolls around and we’re on the prowl for the perfect snacks for the afternoon. Something sweet or salty, crunchy or refreshingly cold, here are our favorite homemade snacks so we don’t get hangry.

Gluten Free Recipes for Passover or Easter Brunch

Celebrate spring, Passover and Easter with these festive gluten free recipes.

Greasy, Good Foods for the Day After a Night Out

We’ve gathered these recipes to help you out the day after St. Patrick’s Day. In case you’ve had a few too many Irish stouts, whip up one of these greasy, comforting recipes.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Decadent Chocolate Stout Desserts

There are few things better than beer and chocolate. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these decadent chocolate stout desserts.

10 Favorite Bites in New Orleans

New Orleans is bursting with great food, drinks, music, art, history and more. Here are just a few of our favorite bites from our quick NOLA trip.

Sonoma Valley Women Who are Changing the Landscape of Food and Wine

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women in the food and wine world of Sonoma Valley that are leading movements and changing the business landscape in a delicious way.

Two Wines to Help You Think Spring

The countdown is on, spring is officially days away. To set the mood, we’re sharing two wines that are helping us think spring.

Good Recipes that are Good for Your Heart Too

February is heart health month, but that doesn’t mean we should eat with our hearts in mind just for 28 days. Continue good food habits into the month of March with these healthy meal ideas from Sun Basket.

Ultimate Spring Pasta and Wine Dinner

To truly celebrate the new season, we’ve teamed up with Cavit wines to bring you a feast of pastas that are fit for spring and paired with the perfect bottles of wine.

Get Cozy with Cassoulet

Cassoulet is the French answer to casserole. It’s loaded with beans, often meat, and is cooked for hours to develop rich, cozy flavors. Here are a few recipes to keep you warm the rest of winter.

Spring is Coming: 15 Recipes for Strawberry Day

Today is National Strawberry Day and with spring and strawberry season being right around the corner, we are in the mood to celebrate. Check out our favorite strawberry recipes.

Soup and Stew: What’s the Difference?

When we’re huddled up all winter long, we have big questions floating through our heads as we sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate. Questions like, is there a difference between soup and stew? In this post, we tackle that question and share a few of our favorite soup/stew recipes.

Colorful Grain Bowls to Brighten Winter

Whether you are packing a lunch or planning dinner, here is our guide to making beautiful grain bowls that are filling and loaded with great toppings. They’re sure to be cozy and brighten a winter day.

Tips for Doing a Three-Day Food Reset

Whether you are still sticking to your food resolutions or you’ve gone back to your habits from the year before, here are the tips you need for successfully doing a three-day food reset. Clear your mind, your gut and get your eating back on track with this guide from Robyn Youkilis.

10 Recipes Stuffed with Deliciousness

Whether it’s a stuffed potato, squash or grilled cheese, this list is stocked with our favorite food items stuffed, filled to the brim, and loaded with deliciousness.

5 Awesome Easy Shakshuka Brunch Recipes

We love a big skillet of shakshuka. It’s loaded with flavor, protein and is so easy to make. Check out these recipes that will make for a delicious dinner or brunch served with a salad, baguette or pita.

Best of Sun Peaks: Things to Do in a Canadian Ski Town Besides Ski

Yes, we love to ski, but we also love to eat and explore whatever ski…

How to Serve Valentine’s Day Dinner with Wine in Under an Hour

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, it’s smack dab in the middle of the week. With a little planning and preparation, you can spend under an hour on Valentine’s Day preparing a stunning meal and pair it elegantly with wines.

Dark Chocolate Desserts to Impress a Date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Impress a date, your family, the office or the love of your life with these decadent dark chocolate desserts.

Romantic Night In: Decadent Food and Wine Pairings

We are totally fine skipping the pressure to pick the perfect restaurant and scrambling to get a reservation for Valentine’s Day. So, instead, check out our guide to an easy, but still romantic, night-in paired perfectly with elegant wines.

Game Day Bites in Less than 30 Minutes

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Throw together one of these bites during the pregame coverage or even halftime in just 30 minutes or less.

Perfect Wines to Pair with Each of Your Favorite Pastas

Ever wonder what wine to pair with your pasta? The trick is to focus on the sauce rather than the pasta. Here are five favorite pasta recipes and delicious wines to match.

How to Make a Perfect Naked Cake

Naked cakes popped up a few years ago and quickly became a huge trend. But these stripped cakes seem to be here to stay! Here’s how to make them.

Sweet and Salty: Favorite Desserts with a Touch of Sea Salt

What’s the perfect thing to complete a sweet bite? A touch of sea salt. There are few things that can beat a sweet and salty dessert. Check out these favorite recipes.

Fun Pairings: Odd Foods and Cavit Wines that are the Perfect Match

Let’s broaden our wine pairing horizons. We thought of a few of our favorite foods that we don’t usually enjoy with a glass of wine and paired them up with the perfect match.

Win a Trip to Italy! Italian Recipe Contest with Cavit Wines

If you love to cook, travel and drink wine, we have the perfect contest for you to enter! Located in Northern Italy, Cavit wines wants you to experience it’s picturesque landscape of mountains, lakes, orchards, vineyards and medieval castles. Submit your tried and true Italian-inspired recipe for a chance to win a trip for two to Italy with Cavit.

10 Favorite Winter Foods and Wines to Match

Time to hibernate and pair some food and wine. Get cozy with these favorite winter foods and the wines that are about to be their very best friend.

10 Curry Dishes for the Coldest Days

Get cozy with these curry dishes loaded with warm spice, rich sauces and plenty of flavor. They’re the perfect recipes to whip up on the coldest days of winter.

5 Fig Newton Recipes That are Better Than Anything in the Store

Fig Newtons have a special place in our food memories. Now that we know how to make them at home, we love them even more. Check out these classic and reinvented fig newton recipes that are better than anything in the store.

Taking Charcuterie Beyond the Board

Don’t get us wrong, we love cured meats, pâtés, rillettes and meats of all shapes and sizes, but we are so bored of the usual charcuterie board. Check out this guide to revamping your meat bites.

New Meatless Dishes for a New Year

Step up your vegetarian recipe game with these flavorful meatless dishes that will win over your tastebuds this new year.

New Year, New Wine: Spice Up Your Wine Drinking with Alto Adige

Let’s break away from the usual Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. It’s a new year. A clean slate to try new wines and explore regions we may be less familiar with. But where to start? Check out these unique wines from the Alto Adige DOC.

New Years Resolutions: Pairing Fresh Foods with Wines

Just because you’re trying to refresh your meals or get more whole foods into your diet doesn’t mean you have to give up wine. Here are our favorite fresh food and wine pairings for the new year.

5 Warm Winter Recipes with French Goat Cheese

We are in the dead of winter and are craving all the warm, cozy foods. Check out these recipes made extra delicious thanks to creamy French goat cheese.

Resolution-Ready: Delicious Mocktail Recipes

If you’re hosting a gathering for guests of all ages or doing a cleanse as a part of a resolution or New Year reset, we highly suggest trying these delicious mocktail recipes. They’re lacking in alcohol, but not in flavor.

Recipes and Tips to Clean Out The Fridge

Get rid of the last of those pesky holiday leftovers and start the new year off on the right foot. Check out these recipes and tips that will help you clean out the fridge.

Five Places to Visit in Basque Country

There are many small towns worth exploring in the Basque region. Every foodie will have heard of San Sebastian and its vast array of pintxos bars and restaurants with Michelin stars. However, let’s widen the horizon and seek out the small coastal gems that the locals escape to.

8 Savory Brunch Recipes We Love

After all of the cakes and cookies, we need a break from the sweet and are keeping things savory. Check out our favorite savory brunch recipes.

Favorite French Winter Dishes Paired with Côtes de Bordeaux Wines

Ready to get cozy? Check out these classically French dishes fit for the coldest days of winter and they’re elegantly paired with wines from Côtes de Bordeaux.

The Best French Toast Recipes for Winter Brunches

Today is National French Toast Day. We’ve rounded up our favorite recipe fit for an elegant weekend breakfast that is sure to lure everyone out of bed. Plus, these recipes are perfect to bust out for a crowd at your next holiday brunch.

Wines for a New Year’s Eve Crowd

If you’re hosting New Year’s Eve or you offered to bring some wine, check out these bottles that will help you ring in the New Year, but are still affordable. All at less than $20 a bottle, these wines are ready to please a crowd. If your guest list is long enough, ask your local wine store if they have a case discount.

Too Busy to Cook? Pairing Wine and Takeout

It’s a busy time of the year. Takeout is often the answer. Just because you order takeout doesn’t mean you have to skip the wine. (Nothing is ever too casual for wine.) Check out our tips to matching your favorite delivery or to-go foods with wine.

Holiday Entertaining: The Perfect Appetizer for Every Taste

From classic to bold, casual to fun, check out these appetizer and wine pairings. There’s a perfect appetizer for every taste and guest.

A Butter Guide

Tis the season of baking. But do you know what kind of butter to use? Check out our butter guide to different kinds of butters and what we like to use them for.

8 Unique Ways to Use Sweet Potatoes

Not only are sweet potato totally delicious and packed with nutrients, they’re super versatile too. Check out these eight ways to use sweet potatoes in sweet or savory recipes.

Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party on a Budget

Ready to host your first dinner party with friends or a small holiday get-together? You don’t have to break the bank to have a meal with good company. Check out these tips for hosting a dinner party, complete with wine, on a budget.

5 Last Minute Appetizers and Wines to Match

For those moments when unexpected holiday guests are coming over, your day was too jam packed to plan an elaborate party dish or when you’re invited to a get-together and you totally forgot to plan a dish, these last minute appetizer recipes are here to save the day.

5 Delicious Ways to Serve Riesling Wines

From dry to sweet, Riesling wines are super versatile. Check out our guide to pairing Riesling wines at your fancy holiday parties or a casual night in. Plus, tips to stirring the wine into a delicious cocktail.

Our Favorite Cookies of 2017

Planning for a cookie exchange or a holiday dessert spread? Check out our favorite cookies of the year. PS It’s National Cookie Day, get baking so you can celebrate.

How to Host an Indian-Style Vegetarian Holiday Dinner Paired with Wine

Hosting a holiday dinner? Think outside the box and serve up a flavorful, cozy Indian-Style vegetarian holiday dinner paired perfectly with wine.

Gift Guide 2017: For the Curious Eaters or Dedicated Home Cooks

From interesting cookbooks to glamorous aprons or our new favorite chef’s knife, here is our go-to gift guide for the food lovers in your life.

Support Sonoma: Gift Ideas from Wine Country

For the food and wine loving people on your list, give them a delicious gift from wine country and help support Sonoma County as it rebuilds and forges ahead after the devastating fires.

5 Delicious Things to Make with Prosciutto di Parma

Let’s be real, we don’t need a ton of encouragement to eat Prosciutto di Parma, we’d eat it right of the package just fine. But if you’re looking for some inspiration or a beautifully composed dish, read on for five delicious recipes.

How to Create an Elegant DIY Holiday Table with Empty Wine Bottles

Check out these simple tips to creating a beautiful table setting perfect for all of your gatherings this season. These DIY ideas all use recycled wine bottles and inexpensive or foraged items.

Refreshing the Palate: Crisp Italian White Wines and Heavy Fall Foods

While you may first turn to big red wines as the temperatures cool, we love pairing white wine and hearty food pairings. Take a bite of warm, cozy food, and when things get to be a bit too heavy, take a sip of cool white wine and your tastebuds will be ready for another bite.

Wine Gifting 101

A bottle of wine is a go-to gift for your friends or family members who love good food, good wine, and good company. Ensure the wine present feels meaningful with a little bit of thought. From beautiful ways to wrap a bottle to making an educated guess about what someone will like, here are our top tips to giving wine as a gift. Our favorite part about giving wine? It’s easy to purchase last minute, but it is always special.

Winter Side Dishes We Can’t Get Enough Of

Check out these hearty side dishes that are perfect for the rest of autumn, all of winter and all the holidays and dinner parties in between.

Champagne to Prosecco: Sparkling Wines for all Celebrations

Whether you are celebrating the coming holidays, the new year or a life event, here are our current favorite sparkling wines to pop open to kick off the festivities.

Hosting a Wine and Cheese Night: Riesling Edition

Switch up your usual wine and cheese night and pair a variety of cheeses with a dry to sweet Riesling flight.