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Dark Chocolate Desserts to Impress a Date

Dark Chocolate Desserts to Impress a Date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Impress a date, your family, the office or the love of your life with these decadent dark chocolate desserts.

Chocolate Cappuccino Hazelnut Crepe Cake
With many stunning layers of chocolate crepes sandwiched around soft, cappuccino and hazelnut mousse, this is a dessert that will knock your socks off. See the recipe.

German Chocolate Cake Cookies
These gluten free chocolate cookies are loaded with nuts, coconut and chocolate chips and taste like a rich German chocolate cake, but in cookie form. See the recipe.

Tiramisu Hot Cocoa
It’s time to put a twist on the classic winter drink. Warm up with a big mug of this tiramisu hot cocoa, it tastes just like the Italian dessert. Get cozy with your date and this warm sweet. See the recipe.

Dark Chocolate Brown Butter Cookie Bars
These brown butter cookie bars are loaded with dark chocolate chunks to make an insanely delicious dessert combo. See the recipe.

Triple Chocolate Tart
Dig into a slice of this decadent and beautiful dessert, perfect for chocolate lovers. This triple chocolate tart is layered with a chocolate graham cracker crust, chocolate filling and chocolate ganache, finished with fresh berries. See the recipe.

Stout Beer Brownies with Ganache
If your boo loves a good stout, whip up a batch of these beer brownies slathered with a thick layer of ganache. See the recipe.

See Also

Olive Oil Brownies
Is your date dairy-free? No worries. These easy olive oil brownies are chewy with crisp edges, can easily be stirred together and are made without dairy. See the recipe.

Chocolate Espresso Custard
Skip the usual cup of coffee after a big meal and serve your Valentine’s Day guest these chocolate espresso custard cups. See the recipe.

Chocolate Sea Salt Cake
If you’re looking to treat your office, whip up this sheet cake that is anything but boring. See the recipe.

Broke Girl Truffles
Rather than spending $5 per truffles at the chocolate shop, make your own truffles. It’s easier than you think. See the recipe.

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