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Two Wines to Help You Think Spring

Two Wines to Help You Think Spring

The countdown is on, spring is officially days away. To set the mood, we’re sharing two wines that are helping us think spring.

Kim Crawford Rosé 2017 $18
While this New Zealand Rosé is perfect anytime of the year, we especially love to sip it when we are craving the fresh air and brighter sunshine of spring. With its distinctly pale pink color and scents of ripe spring berries, this wine is rounded out with soft flavors of strawberries and melons. If you’re enjoying the patio or the deck for the first time this year, bring this bottle along. While it can be enjoyed on its own, we also love it with lightr seafood, light spring salads and barbecue.

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Fetzer 2016 Shaly Loam Gewürztraminer $11
This year, Fetzer Vineyards, the historic Mendocino County-based winery lauded for its beloved California wines and pioneering leadership in sustainability, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. What better way to kick off a season that celebrates renewal than with a sustainable winery that is also celebrating. This off-dry Gewürztraminer is the perfect white wine for a transition. With warm aromas of clove or cinnamon you’ll think of winter, but then you’ll be immediately be whisked away to spring with notes of honeysuckle, fresh fruit, and crisp acidity. Because it is slightly sweet, this wine is perfect with spicy foods, stinky cheeses, and fresh vegetables served with a an eggplant or hummus dip.

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