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Get Cozy with Cassoulet

Get Cozy with Cassoulet

Cassoulet is the French answer to casserole. It’s loaded with beans, often meat, and is cooked for hours to develop rich, cozy flavors. Here are a few recipes to keep you warm the rest of winter.

Chicken and Sausage Cassoulet
This meat-loaded chicken and sausage cassoulet is rich, hearty and perfect for cold winter days and loaded with preserved tomatoes. See the recipe.

Masala and Sausage Cassoulet
This Masala and Sausage Cassoulet is a delicious spin on the traditional French dish, featuring rich masala spices paired with French red wines. Loaded with beans, sausage, and bacon, this is the incredible comfort food we want to be enjoying all season long. See the recipe.

Parmesan, Leek and Smoky Sausage Cassoulet
Settle in to make this rich, comforting Parmesan, Leek and Smoky Sausage Cassoulet with duck. See the recipe.

See Also

Fennel and Duck Cassoulet
Celebrate the season of cassoulet by warming up with this hearty fennel and duck cassoulet. See the recipe.

Vegetarian White Bean Cassoulet
This take on the French dish comes without meat, but is still seriously flavorful. See the recipe.

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