Mariela Alvarez Toro

Recently graduated with from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. She has recently completed "People in Food-Space", an ethnographic study on the cultural production of taste in space. She has also examined post-soviet food production systems and housing projects in Havana, Cuba. Originally from Puerto Rico, Mariela has been living in the United States for eight years. She has involved herself in both teaching and practice, while writing on food at Her goal as a food writer is to cook creatively, using the best ingredients to find new flavor combinations every day.

Turmeric Orange Flan

This silky turmeric orange flan is made with creamy coconut milk, a burst of turmeric flavor, and bright acidity from the orange. It’s rich and loaded with tantalizing caramel flavor.

Poppy Seed Orange Bread

Made with sweet orange and maple and tart dried currants, this cake is the perfect blend of flavors, completed by a tahini-maple glaze.

Cauliflower with Chimichurri and Tahini

Sprinkled with a confetti of seeds, nuts and herbs, this dish brings life and color into your dinner table. Oozing with flavor, each bite is addictive and scrumptious. The combination of spicy, tangy chimichurri, and creamy, nutty tahini is a match made in heaven few things in life can to.

Smoked Paprika Tomato Soup

Luscious soups do not have to take hours to create. This roasted tomato soup can be made in no time and topped with tahini, Greek yogurt, avocado, or herbs.

Sweet Cherry and Wine Pie

An oat crumble crust gives and dark, sweet cherries make for a dangerous pair. With a red wine filling, this pie has a tantalizing aroma.

Red Rice and Tomatoes

Enjoy of a bowl of warm, red rice with tomatoes, sprinkled with pistachios and avocado for color. Simplicity at its best, every bite is hearty and earthy.

Hearty Carrot Cake Pancakes

Soft, sweet, and hearty, these pancakes beat any carrot cake, hands down. Made with quinoa, oats, and carrots they are packed with all the nutrients to start your day.

Fig Blondies

Fig Blondies

Because figs have relatively high water content, they release a lot of juice as they cook, resulting in a moist, delicate crumb.

Honey Walnut Banana Bread

Honey Walnut Banana Bread

The nutritious combination of ingredients makes this banana bread hearty and decadent, without dairy, gluten, or refined sugar.

Boozy Strawberry Sorbet

Boozy Strawberry Sorbet

Most of the time spent making this treat is stress-free, within hours you could be enjoying this with your friends over white wine on your rooftop terrace.

Overnight Summer Oats

Welcome overnight, refrigerator oatmeal to your summer mornings. Forget about those kinds that come in a pack and you microwave, forget about standing in front of a burner for ten minutes.