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Oso Brings Mexican Street Eats to Harlem

Further past the popular Harlem eats of Red Rooster and Sweet Bird, you will find Oso, the new destination for traditional Mexican street food. From tacos to enchiladas, Oso brings the vibrant culture of Mexico to Upper Harlem.

“Eat Mexico” A Roadmap to Mexican Street Food

Well-known blogger Lesley Tèllez’s new cookbook, “Eat Mexico,” is a love letter to authentic Mexican street food. It gives readers a glimpse of food that isn’t stylized, but raw and bursting with local flavor. “Eat Mexico” is your roadmap to fresh, authentic Mexican street food that you can make in your own kitchen.

Paneer-Filled Aloo Tikki

There’s nothing like street food in India, but you can recreate the famed fried potato cakes, aloo tikki, filled with spices and paneer.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is a popular street food from Maharashtra, India that consists of a spicy, deep-fried potato mixture served on a roll with chutney.

Instant Rava Dhokla

Dhokla is a popular snack in Gujarat. Here, the usual fermentation process is skipped for a quicker prep time.

Hungarian Lángos

Hungarian Lángos

This deep fried flatbread is a common street food in Hungary where it is served warm with sour cream and grated cheese, rubbed with garlic or garlic butter, or doused with garlic water.

Stockholm Food Hall

Street Food in Stockholm

Stockholm does street food with style – grab gourmet herring and artisan hot dogs on the go.

Kasta Kachori Recipe

Khasta Kachori Recipe

Khasta Kachori is everything Indian food is famous for, spicy, flaky, has a tang to it and is extremely addictive.

Succulent Chicken Satay

Succulent Chicken Satay

Satay is one of the must try Malaysian street food – charcoal grilled succulent skewered meat served with a delicious satay sauce.