Budin: A Taste of Scandinavia, a Taste of Home

The inner circle of specialty coffee is small, interconnected. Budin is a welcoming Scandinavian coffee bar in Greenpoint with imported Scandinavian goods.

The Holy Grail of Coffee: Caffe Shakerato

A caffe shakerato is an Italian iced coffee drink featuring freshly ground espresso shaken over ice and poured into a martini glass.

Coffee House Test: Steap and Grind, Philadelphia

Serving great coffee and pouring a wonderful selection of teas, Steap and Grind of Philidelphia offers a beautiful place to relax or purchase premium beans.

Coffee House Test: Nordic Grounds at Budin, Brooklyn, NY

For a taste of international coffee in the US head to Budin. Regardless of price, there are a variety of complex roasts available that must be tasted.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee
Tips to Make Your Cold Brew Iced Coffee Even Better

As we inch our way into the warmer months of the year, now is the time to perfect your cold brew iced coffee.

The Roast: The Warehouse, New Jersey

Our resident coffee expert Bill Walsh slurps up some joe at The Warehouse, New Jersey.

Mugged: Citron and Poire [Le Palais Des Thes] Tea Review

Bill Walsh reviews teas bursting with flavor, but without chemicals or sugar.

Big Boss Brewing Company and Larry’s Beans’ Aces & Ates Coffee Stout

Bill Walsh reviews the Raleigh brewer’s full bodied stout and Larry’s Beans coffee.

Coffee House Test: Cafe Moka, Virginia Beach

Honest Cooking’s coffee house tester, Bill Walsh, experiences skillful brewers at Cafe Moka.

Booskerdoo Fresh Roasted Coffee review
Mugged: Booskerdoo Fresh Roasted Coffee

Bill Walsh’s review of Booskerdoo, a New Jersey roaster that displays a variety of coffee blends.

Bowery Coffee, New York City Review
Coffee House Test: Bowery Coffee New York City

Honest Cooking’s coffee house tester, Bill Walsh, experiences a satisfying palate cleanser at Bowery Coffee, New York City.

Mugged: Handsome Coffee Roasters
Mugged: Handsome Coffee Roasters

A sweet coffee from Nicaragua exemplifies the benefit of valuing coffee origins – and the appeal of coffee tourism.

Coffee House Test: Leotah's Place Coffeehouse
Coffee House Test: Leotah’s Place Coffeehouse

A bohemian-style shop in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia serves up quality coffee.

Coffee Review: Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
Coffee Review: Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bill Walsh reviews a coffee from San Diego that is full of rich sweet notes and a pleasant brightneess.

Coffee House Test: Jersey Java and Tea
Coffee House Test: Jersey Java and Tea

A charming neighborhood coffee shop offers some of the best coffee in South Jersey.

Sense Memory: Pumpkin Spice Overload!

Are you down with the PSL?

Coffee House Test: Downtown Credo, Orlando, FL
Coffee House Test: Downtown Credo, Orlando, FL

Decent coffee in a cute shop with altruistic intentions located in Orlando, FL.

Fall Favorite: Pumpkin Spiced Latte
Fall Favorite: Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Learn about the make the most iconic drink of the season at home and save yourself a trip to coffee shop.

Coffee House Test: Styer's Garden Cafe
Coffee House Test: Styer’s Garden Cafe

A coffeehouse nestled inside a nursery and homegoods store offers equal parts charm and quality coffee.

danish coffee
Danish Coffee Cocktail

Try this Danish-inspired coffee cocktail that’s spicy and not too sweet on a brisk autumn night.

Mugged: Lowest Price Coffee
Mugged: Lowest Price Coffee

Lowest Price Coffee strives to offer flavorful, fresh coffee for cheap, but how does the taste stack up?

Coffee House Test - Dollop Coffee
Coffee House Test – Dollop Coffee

Both locations of the Chicago mini-chain Dollop Coffee serve top notch coffee in a charming setting.

Noah Charney on Monkey Butt Coffee
Weekend Read – Noah Charney on Monkey Butt Coffee

Kopi Luwak get its splurgy price from the unusual way that it is harvested. Read about Noah Charney’s experience sampling the coffee here.

Kava Cafe
Coffee House Test – Kava Cafe

Kava Cafe serves top notch coffee in a setting that has access to a rare city courtyard in lower Manhattan.

Coffee House Test - Bow Truss Coffee Company
Coffee House Test – Bow Truss Coffee Company

If you’re in need of a coffee destination, or just a stop on your morning walk, make one of Bow Truss Coffee Company’s locations a pin on your Chicago map.

Coffee House Test - Sit and Wonder, Brooklyn
Coffee House Test – Sit and Wonder, Brooklyn

If you seek a great cafe with great coffee, hunt down Sit and Wonder in Brooklyn, New York.

Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee

Enjoy the quickest and easiest way to make iced coffee with this awesome recipe from Tamara Novakoviç.

Cold-brewed Coffee
Cold-brewed Coffee

This recipe makes a strong concentrate and is meant to be diluted.

Coffee House Test - Broadcast Coffee, Seattle
Coffee House Test – Broadcast Coffee, Seattle

The shop owns a simple exterior that leads inside into a warm interior, with wood tables, black chairs and ample lighting.

Coffee House Test - Overflow Coffee Bar
Coffee House Test – Overflow Coffee Bar

If you’re in town for a conference or for different strokes, meander over to Overflow.

Coffee House Test - The Cup
Coffee House Test – The Cup

A coffeehouse that does not encourage congregating is one doomed to fail. Sure places like drive-thrus survive as a grab-and-go, but that’s an exception.

Coffee House Test - Fluid Coffee Bar
Coffee House Test – Fluid Coffee Bar

Fluid fluidly delivered great coffee and hosts what seems like a great spot to congregate.

Kahlua Coffee Jelly
Kahlua Coffee Jelly

Japanese Coffee Jelly is one of the most popular dessert served in most coffee shops and restaurants in Japan during the summertime.

Homemade Frappuccino

If you have leftover coffee, do not pour it down the drain, just fill them in an ice cube tray and freeze and then pop them in when you are making frapps.

Coffee House Test - Metropolis Coffee
Coffee House Test – Metropolis Coffee

If you’re in town, make sure to stop by this Denver gem.

Vanilla and Raspberry Iced Coffee
Vanilla and Raspberry Iced Coffee

Beat the heat with this version of the classic cold coffee. Creamy, with hints of vanilla, it will surely bring spring to you…via a straw.

Saint Patrick's Day - Irish Coffee
Saint Patrick’s Day – Irish Coffee

Bill Walsh gives us a splendid Irish Coffee recipe in honor of the looming-right-around-the-corner Saint Patrick’s Day.

Pure Fare Coffee Philadelphia
Coffee House Test – Purely Good Coffee at Philly’s Pure Fare

Honest Cooking’s coffee house tester Bill Walsh finds a haven of coffee purity in Pure Fare.

Coffe Froth
Fooling the Baristas: How to Make Milk Foam Without a Frother

A quick way to froth milk and create a coffee shop-like cup of caffeine right at home.

Grilled London Broil with Coffee
Grilling With Coffee: London Broil

Sure you could just drink coffee, but you can also use it to add flavor when grilling. Here’s Mike Crimmin’s caffeinated London Broil recipe.

Asado Coffee of Chicago is Bueno

Bill makes a pleasant visit to Chicago coffee roaster and cafe Asado Coffee.

Get Rocked by SF’s Stable Cafe

Stable yourself for a moving coffee experience at San Fransisco’s Stable Café.

Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. – Fairly Great Coffeehouse in Fairbanks

Bill banks on Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. – a Fairbanks original and finds it splendid.

Iced Coffee for lazybones
Iced Coffee – The Lazy Way

Refreshing instant Iced Coffee. For lazy-bones. No grinding or soaking required.

The Nuts and Beans of Talkeetna’s Flying Squirrel Bakery Café, Alaska

Bill finds a nice respite for coffee at the Flying Squirrel Bakery Café in Alaska’s quaint village of Talkeetna. 

Irish Coffee
How to Make Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is still the undisputed King of coffee based cocktails, no matter what’s trendy right now, and you should learn how to make it.

Coffee Cooling Down After Roasting
Eight Ways To Take Your Coffee From Average To Amazing

Mike Crimmins with some fantastic tips on how to make your coffee taste much better.

Bean Trees: Fine Organic Coffees

Constantly on an endless search of coffees from around the world, Marnely Rodriguez is always happy to discover small producers and farmers that are making a fantastic product.

Vegas’ Cup Holds Promise for Better Coffee

Bill Walsh falls upon a fair oasis of coffee on the Strip.

Can a Super Automatic Produce Good Espresso?

For those looking for a no-fuss espresso machine, can their be quality?

Spanish Bon Bon Coffee

The visual contrast of a perfect espresso meeting a layer of condensed milk is stunning. The taste is even better.

A Brisk Brazilian Coffee

Our resident coffee expert Bill Walsh slurps up Peter Asher’s Brazil Bob-O-Link.

South Indian Filter Kaapi

Priya Sreeram on how to make The Perfect South Indian Filter Coffee.

A Kona Roasts in Brewklyn

Coffee expert Bill Walsh has the pleasure of sampling Brewklyn Grind’s Kona.

A Traditional Indian Sweet: Badusha

A deliciously flaky and layered Indian Sweet that shimmers in a sugary coat.

deep cello
Say Cello to a Good Light Roast

Bill catches a fine tune in Deep Cello’s All Day Light Roast.

Have a Coffee Break in Italy

Diana Mieczan with the first in a series of posts on coffee culture across the globe.

social house
Sushi and Siphoned Coffee on the Strip

In Las Vegas, Bill finds a fancy sushi operation that takes their coffee seriously too.

No Cop Outs at Kopplin’s

Bill sings the praises of Kopplin’s Coffee in St. Paul.

Sea Bean
Seward Has No Folly in the Sea Bean

Bill takes a trip to Seward, Alaska and almost passes up a caffeinated jewel.