Cooking Tips

A Guide to Cooking with Dried Mexican Chilies

They’re more than just spicy. Discover a few of the amazing chilies of Mexico and learn how to cook with each.

Savor Spring with Simple Pickling Recipes

Pickling vegetables is ideal for the season. Pair your creations with grilled dishes or keep them in the refrigerator for snacking on hot days.

How to Make to Homemade Puff Pastry

Many mouth-watering bakery treats rely on puff pastry, but have you ever tried to recreated it yourself? With a tips and practice, master the flaky pastry.

Eight Greens to Cook with During Spring

Get to know your greens and celebrate the season with what to pair with spring’s bounty and recipes from cookbook author Molly Watson.

Celebrate Earth Day: Awesome Ways to Use Food Leftovers and Scraps

Celebrate Earth Day and save a few cents by rescuing commonly tossed food items for another purpose.

The Quick Guide to Knife Sharpening

Sharpening or honing on a stone, or using a manual sharpener to put a safe edge on your knives can be done in a few easy steps.

10 Easy Ways to Replace Eggs in Your Cooking and Baking

Whatever your reason for not eating eggs, don’t give up on your favorite dishes just because the recipe calls for them. Try these substitute tricks instead.

Homemade Coconut Butter

Making coconut butter is similar to a nut butter process. It takes one ingredient and minutes to make a versatile cooking and baking ingredient.

How to Care for Cast Iron

Cooking with cast iron is easy and efficient, but don’t let the pan’s care overwhelm you. The more you use it the longer it lasts.

Brush Up on Your Spice Knowledge

Spices and herbs are great flavor conductors in the kitchen. With a dash, spices allow us to elevate inexpensive dishes, here are 15 interesting facts.

How to Cook Crawfish – The Perfect Boil

We are smack dab in the middle of crawfish season, so if you haven’t had a boil at least once this year it’s time to read this guide and catch up.

The ABC’s of Spring Food

Spring has sprung with fresh fruits and vegetables. From produce to traditional foods of the season, here are 26 ingredients to kick off your celebration.

How to Breakdown and Use a Whole Chicken

Learn how to fabricate a whole chicken and then use the whole bird in a cost effective and delicious way.

Kitchen Tips: Caring for Cutting Boards

Help your cutting surfaces have a long life, protect your knives and keep your food safe with these maintenance tips for your boards.

10 French Terms Every Cook Should Know

Understand key French terms and become a better cook and recipe reader.

Back to Basics: Sharpen Your Knife Skills

Learn all about knife care from Shun’s knife expert, Matt Matsushima.

Tips to Braising Meat Like a Professional Chef

Follow these steps for delicious, tender, restaurant-quality braised meat with sauce, too. A bonus of the simple process is how inexpensive it is to make.

Easy Tips for Hosting A Lovely Tea Party

Tea parties are the perfect way to celebrate almost any occasion. With delicate, fun touches, you can host your best, and most delicious, party yet.

How to Make Your Own Chevre Goat’s Cheese

Homemade Goat’s Cheese, also referred to as Chèvre (french for goat), is easy to make and tastes deliciously sweet and creamy.

Mother Sauces Know Best: Master the Five Classics

Fathers of classic French cuisine, Carême and Escoffier, wrote five Mother Sauces. Learn the basic formulas and how to create many more from the classics.

Must-Have Baking Tools and Ingredients for the Perfect Pie or Tart

To achieve greatness, one must have the right tools. Amish baker Sherry Gore offers wisdom on stocking your kitchen to create the most coveted baked goods.

The Art of Cheese — Aged Havarti Cheese with Holiday Leftovers

Spruce up your leftover turkey or ham with buttery, rich Aged Havarti cheese.

Celebrate Christmas Eve with a Feast of Seven Fishes

Celebrate Christmas with a traditional Italian Feast of Seven Fishes! Serve cioppino and Baccalà for a real Italian feast.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (xo, Julia Child)

Julia Child is a culinary superstar, even Saturday Night Live thinks so! Enjoy a lighthearted video and a few chicken dinner recipes as temperatures drop.

Beyond Chicken Fingers: How to Make Grown Up Meals for Kids

Are chicken fingers and mac and cheese getting tiresome at dinnertime? Kids’ tastes can put a damper on the dinner menu—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

How to Make Perfect Tart Dough with Yogurt

Pastry crust made with tangy yogurt creates a delicate taste and a softness that makes the flaky pastry base all the more tempting.

Must-Have Cooking Substitutions and Tricks

Start a recipe only to find that you’re missing an ingredient? Have no fear, here is a definitive list of cooking substitutions to will help out in a pinch.

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Once you begin making your own vanilla essence, you’ll never buy it again. The flavors are true and clean and it makes the most beautiful gifts.

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Austria’s Secret Ingredient

An Austrian specialty, pumpkin seed oil adds color and nutty flavor to dishes. Drizzle on salads, in ice cream, or try it in this Gugelhupf cake recipe.

The Ultimate Dinner Party with BoConcept

Being able to host a grand meal for friends is crucial. The table is the center and BoConcept has created one to gather a family of 4 or a crew with ease .

The Girolle — Eating the Head of Monks

The girolle cheese curler was invented to serve Tête de Moine, creating a fun presentation at gatherings and a delicious new way to enjoy the earthy cheese.

The Edible Benefits of Bees

For eons we’ve used bee products in traditional medicine, and with good reason. You’d be surprised just how much goodness can come from something so small.

Cooking From the Farmers’ Market

Here are some valuable tips for a farmers’ market find. Try a recipe for summer squash salad after you dive into your local market’s produce.

Whole Grain Rice Basics

The tips and tricks to fool-proof rice every time. No rice cooker required.

Countdown to Summer: Zucchini

Summer, Summer, Summer squash. Summer is here and it’s time to explore the standout member of the summer squash family– the zucchini.

Countdown to Summer: Snap Pea

Honest Cooking explores the crisp snap pea in the latest installment of ‘Countdown to Summer.’

An EGG For Every Occasion — Egg Tips for the Avid Baker

The egg is a wonderful tool as well as a delicious capsule of nutrition. Follow these egg tips for a successful cake, soufflé, or meringue.

Countdown to Summer: Tomatillos

Often overshadowed by their tomato cousins, the tomatillo enters the spotlight this summer with their bold and citrusy flavor.

Coutdown to Summer: Corn

It’ll be knee high by July—and in our bellies soon after. Honest Cooking explores the summer’s most treasured vegetable.

Countdown to Summer: Cucumbers

Light and refreshing the cucumber is one of the first vegetables to welcome the start of the summer produce season.

Coutdown to Summer: Raspberries

Raspberries. The ‘p’ is silent. The berry is delicious.

Countdown to Summer: Figs

No fruit has more historical clout than the fig. Delish.

Countdown to Summer: All About Peaches

Peaches are here! Celebrate the start of summer with our favorite fuzzy fruit!

Coutdown to Summer: All About Blueberries

June 21st is Summer Solstice, or the first official day of summer. Honest Cooking is counting down by featuring seasonal produce. Eat it while you can!

Countdown to Summer: All About Apricots

Apricots are here and ready to be enjoyed. Throw them on the grill, chop them into salsas, or eat them raw, it doesn’t matter, just eat them.

How to Pair Wine to Your Late Night Meals

Not every day will end with a gourmet meal. But every day deserves a good wine. Discover pairings with your favorite late night meal.

Sense Memory: Embracing Culinary Ingenuity

Like on Iron Chef, embracing culinary ingenuity can be a fun challenge when you cook and create based on the ingredients on hand.

Quick Tip – How to Use Lavender in Cooking

Simone Van Den Berg explains some different uses of lavender from its fragrant to culinary properties.

Deep Fried Foods
10 Weird but Awesome Things to Deep Fry

Ten deep fried foods that are uncommon, but must be tried.

South Indian Filter Kaapi

Priya Sreeram on how to make The Perfect South Indian Filter Coffee.

a trio of nut free macarons
How to Make Nut Free Macarons

Culinary purists consider the very idea of a nut free macaron heresy. If almond flour defines a macaron, its absence defies it. Stella Parks begs to disagree.

Authentic Homemade Chorizo
Authentic Homemade Mexican Chorizo

Learn how to make authentic Mexican chorizo at home and have the perfect ingredient ready to go for delicious tacos, sopes, or frijoles.