Carolyng Gomes

Carolyng loves to eat, loves to cook and loves to eat more. To her a recipe is more a list of suggestions, saving time doesn’t mean sacrificing on flavor and when in doubt, a splash or two (well, a nice pour) of wine never hurts. Welcome to her Cocina Latina, where South American and Latin fusion dishes are always on the menu.

Espresso Cherry Biscotti

Start your morning with a piping hot cafecito and a few Espresso Cherry Biscotti made with crunchy pistachios, dried cherries and instant espresso.

Coconut Crumble Lime Bars

Coconut Crumble Lime Bars are slightly sweet and tangy with a coconut almond crumble that makes every bite taste like a luscious slice of pie.

Ancho Chicken Wrap

This Ancho Chicken Wrap combines the seasons freshest produce with coriander, white pepper and ancho seasoned chicken thighs. Perfect for lunch on the go.

Dairy-Free Banana Oat Smoothie

Welcome the to Banana Oat Smoothie, a cross between breakfast oatmeal and a morning shake. Made creamy with almond milk, the dairy-free drink is rich in Vitamin E and will give your skin a glow.

Mini Mango and Rhubarb Tarts

Mini Mango and Rhubarb Tarts

A crisp, buttery shell holds a perfect mix of tart rhubarb with sweet mango that can be topped off with mint, whipped cream, ice cream or simply enjoyed on its own.

Toasted Pernil Flat Bread

Toasted Pernil Flat Bread

Tangy lemon, creamy chevre, crisp kale, fresh zucchini, caramelized tomatoes and a thin flat bread is all you need to get the party started.

Picadillo Tacos Recipe

Picadillo Tacos

Update your dinner and try these Picadillo Tacos. You won’t regret it. Actually, you may just make it your new staple for taco night!

Spiced Rum Balls

Spiced Rum Balls

Try your hand at these and you’ll find yourself buying shortbread (or making it!) to get your spiced rum balls-on!

Piri Piri Turtle Soup

This lovely soup gets a kick from stewed piri piri chillies and salsa that takes your traditional black bean soup to a whole other level.