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Baked Truffle Ricotta Spread

An easy appetizer perfect for the holidays, baked ricotta is combined with lemon zest, truffle oil, and red pepper flakes for a delicious bite with bread.


Sweet Potato Tahini Dip

A beautifully hued sweet potato dip is a perfectly easy appetizer to make and serve with fresh vegetables, pita, and more.

Smooth Butternut Tahini Spread

Roasted with onion and garlic, and whirred into velvet with Greek yogurt and tahini. Salty, sweet, luscious – perfect for pita chips or as a puree with meat

Roasted butternut squash spread

Roasted butternut squash spread served with home made tortilla chips. Perfect for a quick snack or served as appetizer for your next cocktail party.

Roasted Chestnut Hummus

Roasted Chestnut Hummus

Roasted chestnuts are delicious all on their own but this faux-hummus is a fun way to experiment with the seasonal treat.

Zucchini Tahini Spread

Zucchini Tahini Spread

This would obviously work as a dip or a spread, but it is particularly nice on some toasted baguette as a late afternoon snack.

Indian Mango Chutney

Indian Mango Chutney

Sweet and spicy, this Indian Mango Chutney makes a delicious spread, dipping sauce, or condiment to add to your curries.