Traci York

A Texas native and former omnivore, Traci is the author and photographer behind Vanilla And Bean, a vegetarian food blog where you'll find savory and sweet recipes and photography to inspire. Although flavors of TexMex influence her cooking, she now resides just North of Seattle WA where farms and farmers markets abound. This is where she finds her inspiration. After a career in education, Traci set off to pastry school to learn in the French style and hone her baking skills. While working at an organic, artisan bakery Traci started Vanilla And Bean to share her love of good food.

Coconut Milk Orange Sherbet

A nice compromise between sorbet and ice cream, this sherbet is make with rich coconut milk to be diary free, too. Creamy, comforting and oh so orangey.


Bourbon and Nut Truffles

Without a moment in the oven, these balls are sweet, crunchy, chewy and boozy. In other words, a delicious rich and chocolatey treat.