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How to Make Pita Bread

We’re banding together for a virtual progressive dinner. Our meal today is focused on Middle Eastern fare, and I’ve baked up some Homemade Pita Bread for the table.

hazelnut baklava

Hazelnut baklava

Instead of walnuts, this baklava is layered with hazelnuts, baked and then immediately soaked with honey syrup.

Middle Eastern Herb Pie

Middle Eastern Herb Pie

Rather than act as an accent, herbs are the star of this flaky, phyllo-y Middle Eastern Pie.

Silky Smooth Hummus

Silky Smooth Hummus

This hummus is more labor intensive than some recipes for the popular spread, but the result is super smooth, like the stuff you get at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Delicious Fig Truffles

Delicious and guilt-free treats. This Recipe makes approximately 12 large (two-bite) truffles, or 20 smaller bite-size ones.