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Celebrate PB+J Day with… Ice Cream

Peanut butter and jelly, a classic. A flavor combo that takes us back to childhood memories of sandwiches with friends in the school cafeteria. (Also, it’s something we still totally eat as adults.) April 2nd is National PB+J Day. To celebrate, we’re eating ice cream.


Boozy PB&J

Warm rays of sunshine are coming and we are ready for some frozen sips. Recreate the childhood favorite PB&J in a boozy milkshake form.

PB and J Thumbprint Cookies

If you love the iconic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then you will love these peanut butter thumbprint cookies filled with your favorite flavor of jam.

PB&J Brownies

With a little salty, a little sweet and plenty of rich chocolate, these brownies are decadent. Just one delicious comfort food swirled into another.

Basic Quince Paste

Basic Quince Paste

The satchel of seeds helps to thicken the quince paste, which is delicious served with crackers and Spanish cheese like Manchego.

Kahlua Coffee Jelly

Kahlua Coffee Jelly

Japanese Coffee Jelly is one of the most popular dessert served in most coffee shops and restaurants in Japan during the summertime.


Mixed Fruits Jelly

This lovely jelly is made with fresh orange juice, green kiwifruit puree and a twist of fresh dragon fruit to bring up the vibrant colors.

Pandan Agar Agar Jelly

Pandan Agar Agar Jelly – a delightfully refreshing Malaysian dessert. The pandan extract creates an enticing natural light green colour.