Wines to Sip from the Old World of Southern Rhône

Sip a red, white or rosé wine from Costières de Nîmes, an appellation in Southern Rhône, and you will be immediately transported to the old world vineyards. Here are a few bottles to start with.

The Perfect Pairing: Affogato and Chocolate

Espresso, ice cream and delicious chocolate. Check out this affogato dessert idea served with squares of fine chocolate.

Tasting The California Coastline through Wine

What lies between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the California coast? Agriculture, a ton of history and of course, wine. Take a taste of the California coastline with Four Vines.

Teas and Tea Cocktails to Drink During Flu Season

No one wants to get sick. Protect yourself with warm, cozy teas and tea cocktails that are perfect for flu season and all of winter.

Snow Day Treat: Tex-Mex Hot Chocolate

Tex-Mex is literally a blend of American and Mexican flavors. What’s more Tex-Mex than a spiced Mexican hot chocolate with a dash of Louisiana Tabasco sauce? Sip on this flavorful mug on the next snowy day. Spike it with tequila or mezcal for the adults!

Elysian: A Wine Label Paying Homage to the Land

A wine that represents California’s beautiful farmland? That may sound weird or boring, but stay with us! Winemaking always sounds so idyllic and romantic, but farming? Not so much. We tried Elysian, an organic California Merlot that highlights all the crucial parts of farming, growing grapes and the land itself. It’s delicious and its story is beautiful and important too.

“It All Starts with Wine” Debuts on Amazon Prime Video

Tune in to “It Starts With Wine”, a new wine series on Amazon that highlights lesser known wine regions making beautiful bottles.

Make Your New Year’s Festivities Sparkle with Prosecco Superiore

Don’t just serve the usual bubbles at your New Year’s Eve shindig, open a bottle of Prosecco Superiore. This high-quality sparkling wine is the perfect way to elevate a low key night at home ringing in 2019 or to bring to a gathering with friends.

Ring in the New Year with Punch Bowls

Mix up one big bowl of punch to serve on New Year’s Eve instead of spending time shaking together a cocktail for each of your friends. Set out a bucket of ice, festive glasses, the big-batch punch cocktail and a bottle of bubbles for the traditionalists. We’re ready for you 2019!

Take Your Prosecco Game Up a Notch in Time for the Holidays

You’ve probably had Italy’s most popular sparkling wine, Prosecco, before. But how much do you really know about it and selecting a great bottle? Take Your Prosecco Game Up a Notch in Time for the Holidays.

No Recipe Required: Talking Food and Wine with Victor Schoenfeld of Golan Heights Winery

As one of Israel’s most influential and award-winning winemakers, Victor Schoenfeld of Golan Heights Winery is renowned as a pioneer of modern winemaking in the country.

Delicious Cheese Pairings with Beaujolais Wine

If are hosting guests this holiday season, you don’t want to miss this Beaujolais Wine and Cheese Pairing List for a Holiday Party. Essential for a great party!

Warm Winter Mull with Gin

The perfect pour for celebratory sipping and all of winter, this big-batch mulled cocktail recipe is super easy to make and features seasonal spices, citrus and berries. Grab a bottle of Spanish Rioja wine and Brockmans gin and you are set for success!

Brown Bread Vodka Cocktail

Known as the “Breadbasket of the World”, Kansas is a top grower of wheat so it’s no wonder that they make some awesome wheat vodka. Check out this creamy and sweet brown bread vodka cocktail featuring TILL Vodka.

5 Fast Facts about Loire Valley Wines and Why You Should Drink More of It

Located in central France, a breathtaking part of Europe, Loire Valley wines are fresh, fruity and food-friendly. Here are five fast facts and why you should be drinking more wine from the region.

Have a Date Night at Home with Crémant de Loire

Don’t have a ton of time for a full date night out? Open a bottle of sparkling Crémant de Loir and celebrate your love with a quick date night at home

Vegan White Russian Cocktail

This elegant White Russian will become a new tradition at holiday family get-togethers, special occasions, après-ski, or anytime that calls for a memorable cocktail.

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Roast

Make your holiday dinner special with a flavorful bacon-wrapped pork roast served next to perfectly roasted potatoes, garlicky sautéed spinach and a glass of Santa Cristina Rosso Toscana wine.

Conegliano Valdobbiadene: The Italian Hillside That Brings Sparkle to a Celebration with Prosecco Superiore

Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. might be bubbly like Champagne, but it couldn’t be more different. Discover this high-quality sparkling wine with a story that starts in the vineyard.

An Easy Winter Cheeseboard and Beaujolais Wine

This easy winter cheeseboard paired with Beaujolais wine makes holiday entertaining a snap. Plus, to sure to check out the recipe for a five-minute pomegranate chèvre cheeseball.

Lamb Ragu Pappardelle Meets IGT Rosso Santa Cristina Wine

A hearty winter dish of Lamb Ragu Pappardelle is a delicious taste of Tuscany to pair with an IGT wine, Santa Cristina Rosso 2016, which provides another taste of the land.

5 Reasons Why You Should Bring Prosecco Superiore to Every Gathering This Winter

There are few things better than having a guest show up at your door with a bottle of bubbles. A bottle of Prosecco Superiore wine, to be exact.

Festive Food Pairings with Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G.

Elevate your holiday gathering or winter dinner party with an array of Prosecco Superiore bottles that are perfect with so many festive foods.

Three Sommeliers on Why They Love Garnacha/Grenache Wines From Europe

To Sommeliers, arguably the most knowledgeable wine people in the world, how do Grenache wines from Europe rank? We chatted with three different wine professionals to hear what they love about these European wines and how they like to pair them with food.

Snowball Mulled Wine aka Chai Mulled Wine Float

This Snowball Mulled Wine float is an easy and fun holiday drink made from chai, red wine, honey, orange juice, spices, fruit, and vanilla ice cream. It’s perfect for the holidays and other wintertime entertaining events!

Family-Style Holiday Menu and Vinho Verde Wine Pairing

Your holiday menu can be easy to serve and still be bursting with elegance, classic foods and great wine for your next holiday gathering.

Date Night: Homemade Pappardelle with Winter Squash and Loire Valley Wine

Rather than going out, get into hibernation mode and have a date night at home. Spend an evening in the kitchen together making homemade pappardelle pasta with roasted winter squash and a perfectly paired bottle of Loire Valley wine.

Cozy up to a Fireside Picnic

Who doesn’t love cuddling up by the fireplace on a cold day?! Check out how to have a festive fireside picnic with Beaujolais Wines, a fun take on grilled cheese and other perfect bites.

Mix and Mingle: Holiday Party Prep, Cocktail Edition

Now that the holiday season is underway, it’s time to start prepping for the festivities to come. Whether you are hosting a soiree or need a gift for a party-planning pal, there are plenty of cocktail items that will help create killer drinks for all to admire. We rounded up a Fab Four of our faves for making all celebrations merry and bright.

Celebrate the Holidays with Beaujolais Wine

Looking for a wine that will pair effortlessly with all of the festive food on the table? Celebrate the holidays with Beaujolais wine.

Holiday Entertaining Tips and Appetizer Recipes

Entertaining during the holiday season can be a blast or it can seem daunting. Check out these holiday entertaining tips complete with appetizer recipes that pair with the ever-festive Prosecco Superiore wine for a stress-free, yet elegant, holiday gathering.

Pomegranate and Balsamic-Stuffed Butternut Squash with Loire Valley Wine

Dig into this stunning side dish of stuffed butternut squash paired with a Vouvray wine from the Loire Valley.

Loire Valley Wines and Rosemary Goat Cheese Gougères

These Rosemary Goat Cheese Gougères are the perfect party bite, especially when paired with a high-quality Loire Valley wine.

Lemon and Thyme-Infused Sake

Lemon and Thyme-Infused Sake is a tasty and exciting new way to serve sake at your next dinner. Lemon peels and fresh thyme give a comforting flavor to the sake.

Cozy Fall Dinner: Hazelnut-Crusted Grilled Duck with Red Wine Sauce and Loire Valley Wine

This grilled Duck is decadent with a hazelnut crust and topped with an elegant red wine sauce. It’s the perfect pairing for a Chinon (Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley of France) and a cozy fall evening.

Smoky Cocktail Recipes to Get You Fired Up for Fall

Perfect for those upcoming holiday parties, top New York mixologists share their smoky cocktail recipes.

Wines from California We are Currently Loving

Whether you are searching for a random bottle for your Friday night, a perfect pairing with your holiday meal, or a gift for a wine lover, check out our current favorite bottles coming our of California.

Mushroom and Butternut Lasagna with Beaujolais Wine

Mushroom and Butternut Lasagna with Sage- a delicious vegetarian or vegan main dish, perfect for the Thanksgiving! Bring it to all your coming gatherings and potlucks. It can be made ahead and served with Beaujolais wine for a seriously beautiful pairing.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Pears with Manchego and Beaujolais Wine

The holidays are getting closer and it’s time to entertain. These Prosciutto Wrapped Pears with Manchego are easy to make when last minutes guests arrive. They are two bites of sweet and savory heaven, especially when paired with a Beaujolais wine.

A Wine to Pair with Hearty Soups

It’s soup season and we are serious about soup season. To go with so many of our hearty, warm bowls, we have picked out a wine to pair. This Italian bottle is perfect to take your usual soup night to a whole new level of special.

Synergies between French Grenache and Spanish Garnacha

One says Garnacha, another bottle reads Grenache. What gives? How can a grape be both Spanish and French? It’s European! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Garnacha/Grenache wines!

Pea and Bacon Pasta Paired with Prosecco Superiore

This Pea and Bacon Pasta comes together in just 20 minutes! It’s a delicious (and budget friendly) dinner that’s perfect for any night of the week. Plus, it pairs perfectly with a glass of sparkling Prosecco Superiore wine.

Casarecce Pasta with Braised Beef and Santa Cristina Chianti Superiore

Irresistible Italian casarecce pasta is tossed with fork-tender braised beef, cooked low and slow in red wine, with porcini mushrooms and a sprinkle of pecorino cheese. Truly unforgettable when paired with Santa Cristina Chianti Superiore.

Everything You Need to Know About Serving Sake

We know how to serve wine, what to mix with our spirits and what temperature the beers should be, but what do you know about sake? Check out this guide to learn How to Serve Sake and enjoy it with casual meals or festive dinner parties.

How to Make Wassail

Wassail; a fun word and it is even more fun to drink. Check out how to make the tried a true recipe from Frisco, Colorado, home of Wassail Days, and annual weeklong celebration of the Old English cider drink.

Serving Up Some Spirits: MONO+MONO’s New Soju Cocktail Menu and the Season’s Best Books on Booze

A recent celebration of the newly re-opened MONO+MONO in the East Village – renowned for…

A guide to the different European Garnacha/Grenache Appellations

If you’ve ever spent time studying a wine label, you might have noticed that some European wines have a special logos, stamps and acronyms. But what do they mean? Check out these tips to hacking a Garnacha wine label’s meaning.

Perfect Food and Wine Pairings for Tempranillo Day

November 8th has been dubbed “International Tempranillo Day.” Being the main grape of Rioja, check out a few food and Rioja wine pairings, featuring Tempranillo, to celebrate with.

7 European Quality Garnacha (a.k.a. Grenache) wines to Pair with your Takeout

We’re busy. You’re busy. It’s a crazy time of the year! Just because you don’t have time to cook a big dinner, doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice meal paired with wine. Check out these takeout and Garnacha wine duos.

Old World Winemakers in South America: A Delicious Blend of Styles and Terrior

Having been in the winemaking world for over 150 years, the Rothschild family is known for their quality French wines. But did you know they also have labels and vineyards in Argentina and Chile? Here’s while we love their South American wines.

The Best Ciders to Pair with Our Favorite Fall Foods

Pumpkin pie and cider? Roast turkey and cider? Here’s how to pair ciders with our favorite fall foods. With a relatively low ABV, a fine heritage cider is a perfect partner to autumn foods and dishes.

How to Pair a Tapas Spread with European Garnacha Wines

Creating a European tapas spread revolving around Garnacha/Grenache wines: a delicacy from the old world

Wine Pairing: Instant Pot Bean Soup with Pesto and Santa Cristina

This Instant Pot Bean Soup with Pesto is made with chickpeas and tomatoes. It’s vegetarian friendly, super delicious and cooks up quick in your pressure cooker. Pair it with a glass of wine and your soup night will feel quite special.

Día de los Muertos Cocktail: The Orange Añejo Margarita

This Dia de los Muertos, shake together an Orange Añejo Margarita. With bright, warming orange flavors and Suerte Añejo tequila, it’s the perfect way to bright up a fall evening and ideal for sipping as you pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters or celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

Cranberry Hot Toddy

This Cranberry Hot Toddy recipe is lightly spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and orange. If you like mulled wine, you will LOVE this delicious toddy recipe.

Pairing Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Wine with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s Recipes

Alex Guarnaschelli creates winter recipes using Robert Mondavi Woodbridge wine such as Vegetable Lasagna, Onion Sausage and Apple Stuffing

Merlot is Back! Celebrate Merlot Month

You might have a different opinion, but based on what we have been tasting, Merlot is back! It has returned from it’s boring, stuffy world to be bright, beautiful and interesting.

Skip the Punch Bowl: Make these Halloween Cocktails

Skip the creepy (and not in a good way) punch bowl recipes and make these fun, and actually delicious, Halloween cocktails for your party.

Adami Winery: Why You Should Try Single-Vineyard Prosecco

You have most likely sipped your fair share of Prosecco, but have you tried a single-vineyard Prosecco? The Adami winery is putting out some beautiful bottle of single-vineyard designated wines that we think you should try.

The Wine to Sip While You Wait for Trick-Or-Treaters

Yes, there is really is a wine for every occasion. And we love that! We chose a bottle of Côtes du Rhône wine to go with all of your fall festivities, even the chocolate you will nibble on while you wait for tick-or-treaters.