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Have a Date Night at Home with Crémant de Loire

Have a Date Night at Home with Crémant de Loire

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Don’t have a ton of time for a full date night out? Open a bottle of sparkling Crémant de Loir and celebrate your love with a quick date night at home or staycation at a hotel in town.

What do you do when you haven’t had a date night or a quiet moment for that matter with your spouse in, well, WAY TOO LONG? Oh, and you finally have the opportunity to do so? You throw some stuff together in a bag, hug the kids, and you go! That’s exactly what the hubs and I did when we caught a brief moment in between his hectic schedule. There are a lot of positive things happening, adjustments, and things that still need to be tackled behind the scenes so making time for each other is more important now than ever. Listen. It doesn’t really matter where we go or what we do, even if we’re tired, we just have to push through. We’ve always enjoyed the simple things, so on this night we improvised and turned a simple night at a hotel special.

Our friends at Loire Valley Wines sent us a care package of wine. The wine was the ingredient to making our simple night special. We planned to relax in complete silence, no frills, but adding wine to the mix was a treat. We checked into our hotel room, ran to the store for snacks to pair with the wine, and returned to enjoy hot baths in Epsom. We changed into cozy pjs, and stayed up late snacking, sipping, and enjoying each other’s company.

So about the wine. Loire Valley, France’s most diverse wine region sent us Crémant de Loire, a dry sparkling wine that pairs well with charcuterie meats and cheeses. I am still very much a wine novice and haven’t tasted enough varieties to develop a preference. I made wine tasting one of my goals this quarter so I was excited to try this particular wine. I went into tasting this variety blindly and I was pleasantly surprised. After my first sip, I thought to myself, “Oh, okay I think I like this!” The sparkling is what won me over. Had it not been a sparkling wine, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. Crémant de Loire is definitely a great wine to enjoy with food as it’s quite refreshing.

Our sporadic little date night is just what we needed. It simply wasn’t long enough, but we are planning to schedule more. We need many more nights like these where we aren’t rushing or drained. Dating when you have three kids is rough, but we’ll find a way even amidst our season of chaos… to make sure that we still like each other once we become empty nesters.

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