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Cozy up to a Fireside Picnic

Cozy up to a Fireside Picnic

SPONSORED POST – Versatile, food-friendly and fun, discover Beaujolais and all the ways to invite the wine to your celebrations this season.
Who doesn’t love cuddling up by the fireplace on a cold day?! Check out how to have a festive fireside picnic with Beaujolais Wines, a fun take on grilled cheese and other perfect bites.

Fireside Holiday Picnic
Beaujolais wines are from France and that instantly gives them a fancy feel but unlike other wines, Beaujolais wines are often served chilled and are easy to pair with food! Not only are the wines super food-friendly, they are great for entertaining this season. The wine is fruit-forward and quite affordable. Perfect for snuggling up by the fire for a casual get together with friends!

I can hardly call these Grilled Halloumi on Crostini a recipe but they are a fun, savory twist on roasting marshmallows by the fire! Which of course everyone loves a dessert but these grilled halloumi bites are the perfect way to get the party started!

I can envision many evenings this season around the fireside with good food, good wine and good company! This is what I love most about the holiday season! Just getting together with loved ones and spending time together outside of all the hustle and bustle and fancy parties. Which are always a good time but there’s something about these chill nights in that are so memorable.

How do you love to spend your holiday evenings? I always seems to stay up a little later just so that I can be by the Christmas tree!

Grilled Halloumi Crostini
Halloumi Cheese
Crostini slices


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1. Slide thick slices of halloumi onto skewers and roast over the fire.
2. Carefully place the cheese onto crostini slices already spread with pesto.

Photos by Taylor Prinsen Photography

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