Portuguese-Spiced Clams and Vinho Verde Wines

Clams swimming in a vibrant red broth bring a perfect balance of tang and heat! This Portuguese Spiced Clams dish is the perfect cold weather meal. You definitely need some rustic bread to swipe that delicious sauce off the bowl and a good Vinho Verde wine for pairing. And it takes less than 15 minutes to put it together.

Old World Winemakers in South America: A Delicious Blend of Styles and Terrior

Having been in the winemaking world for over 150 years, the Rothschild family is known for their quality French wines. But did you know they also have labels and vineyards in Argentina and Chile? Here’s while we love their South American wines.

The Best Ciders to Pair with Our Favorite Fall Foods

Pumpkin pie and cider? Roast turkey and cider? Here’s how to pair ciders with our favorite fall foods. With a relatively low ABV, a fine heritage cider is a perfect partner to autumn foods and dishes.

How to Pair a Tapas Spread with European Garnacha Wines

Creating a European tapas spread revolving around Garnacha/Grenache wines: a delicacy from the old world

Wine Pairing: Instant Pot Bean Soup with Pesto and Santa Cristina

This Instant Pot Bean Soup with Pesto is made with chickpeas and tomatoes. It’s vegetarian friendly, super delicious and cooks up quick in your pressure cooker. Pair it with a glass of wine and your soup night will feel quite special.

Día de los Muertos Cocktail: The Orange Añejo Margarita

This Dia de los Muertos, shake together an Orange Añejo Margarita. With bright, warming orange flavors and Suerte Añejo tequila, it’s the perfect way to bright up a fall evening and ideal for sipping as you pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters or celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

Cranberry Hot Toddy

This Cranberry Hot Toddy recipe is lightly spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and orange. If you like mulled wine, you will LOVE this delicious toddy recipe.

Pairing Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Wine with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s Recipes

Alex Guarnaschelli creates winter recipes using Robert Mondavi Woodbridge wine such as Vegetable Lasagna, Onion Sausage and Apple Stuffing

Merlot is Back! Celebrate Merlot Month

You might have a different opinion, but based on what we have been tasting, Merlot is back! It has returned from it’s boring, stuffy world to be bright, beautiful and interesting.

Skip the Punch Bowl: Make these Halloween Cocktails

Skip the creepy (and not in a good way) punch bowl recipes and make these fun, and actually delicious, Halloween cocktails for your party.

Adami Winery: Why You Should Try Single-Vineyard Prosecco

You have most likely sipped your fair share of Prosecco, but have you tried a single-vineyard Prosecco? The Adami winery is putting out some beautiful bottle of single-vineyard designated wines that we think you should try.

The Wine to Sip While You Wait for Trick-Or-Treaters

Yes, there is really is a wine for every occasion. And we love that! We chose a bottle of Côtes du Rhône wine to go with all of your fall festivities, even the chocolate you will nibble on while you wait for tick-or-treaters.

Alta Langa: Why You Should be Drinking Sparkling Wine from Piedmont

You’ve probably sipped wines from the Italian Piedmont region, most likely a red wine, such as a Barolo, but have you had a sparkling Piedmont wine? Alta Langa is a beautiful, artisan and dry sparkling wine that is sure to delight.

California’s Meiomi Winery Debuts First Sparkling Wine

Hailing from California’s North Coast, Meiomi, has debuted their first ever sparkling wine made in the méthode champenoise. Here’s what we thought!

Pairing Cheese and… Cognac!

You’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of cheese and wine, but now it’s time to branch out. Elevate your next cheese night with a cheese and Cognac experience featuring the French spirit or in cocktails.

Behind the Scenes of One of the Old World’s Oldest Grapes

Garnacha aka Grenache aka “The Mediterranean Grape” is one of the world’s oldest grape varietals. Being extremely versatile and delicious, it’s a classic for a reason. This famed can be found growing in countries around the globe, but truly thrives in its hometown European regions in northeastern Spain and southern France.

A Delicious Duo: Pairing Pasta and Champagne

What’s better than pasta and Champagne? It sounds like an ideal pairing to us! Here’s how to match up the two for a delicious combo.

How to Make a Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Making a Matcha Smoothie Bowl is easy! This version is fruity, refreshing, and spiked with a boost of energy to start your day right! Floral, sweet honey balances the earthy matcha in this creamy bowl.

Bloody Marys and Bourbon-Maple Candied Bacon

This take on a classic Bloody Mary is made even better with a topping of insanely delicious bourbon-maple candied bacon, and a flavorful salty rim. A crowd pleaser at brunch and beyond.

Wine Pairing: Chianti Superiore and Tuscan Stew

Chianti Superiore is an amazing Italian wine, an excellent classic to pair with cheese, cured meats, and traditional Italian recipes, liked braised Tuscan stew.

Caramel Apple Rum Punch

It’s cool, refreshing, but loaded with spiced rum and sweet caramel apple sauce. This caramel apple rum punch screams of fall and we love it!

The Best Coffee Beans to Use Depending on How You Take Your Coffee

Take your coffee black? Like a splash of milk or enjoy using a pour over setup? No matter your coffee routine, here’s the best bean to use in each application.

There’s a Wine (or Sake) For That: Fall Squash and Beverage Pairings

Fall comes with a bounty of squash that we love. From creamy and buttery to fruity or more vegetal, there’s a wide range of squashes to choose from. And guess what? There’s a wine or sake for each one! Check out these fall squash and beverage pairings to enjoy all season long.

Beer Pairings to Celebrate the Oktoberfest Season

Check out these unique beer pairings to celebrate the Oktoberfest season.

Fall Cocktail: Cider Margarita

We love margaritas and we love cider, so we’re throwing the two together for a seriously sip-able fall cocktail.

Coffee-Loaded Cocktails for the Weekend and International Coffee Day

Coffee has become one of our favorite cocktail ingredeints. In honor of the coming weekend and International Coffee Day on September 29th, we’re celebrating with some out-of-the-box coffee cocktail recipes. Coffee isn’t just for Irish coffees. (Although we love those too)

Fig and Bourbon Cocktail

Made with fig jam, this fig and bourbon cocktail is the perfect sweet sipper.

How to Really Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with Tequila

September 16th is Mexican Independence Day. Unlike May 5th, this holiday is a big deal in Mexico. Here’s how Tequila Partida’s Master Distiller Jose Valdez will be celebrating and you should too.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with the Dolores Cocktail

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day on September 16th with a refreshing lime, ginger beer and tequila cocktail known as the Dolores.

Get excited! Infinite Monkey Theorem is Headed to Colorado Mountain Winefest

Colorado Mountain Winefest. AKA wine and beautiful mountains. What could be better? We checked in with The Infinite Monkey Theorem, who helped put Colorado wine on the map, to find out more about the fest.

The Perfect Heritage Cider for Wine Lovers

Check out this guide to cider for wine lovers, perfect cider suggestions depending on what kind of wine you usually drink.

On-the-Go Gourmet – Summer Sippers to Wrap Up the Season

Check out these satisfying summer drinks that are not too sweet and great for any season.

Piri Piri Chicken and Vinho Verde Wine

Sponsored Post: We’re celebrating Vinho Verde wines this season. These Portuguese bottles are young, fresh,…

Two Gin Cocktails Perfect for Labor Day Festivities

What better way to enjoy the unofficial end of summer than with two refreshing gin cocktails and a long Labor Day weekend.

Iced Lavender and Matcha Latte

This Iced Matcha Latte is earthy and floral, thanks to a sweet lavender honey. Refreshing…

Grilled Skirt Steak with Watermelon Salsa and Vinho Verde Wine

This Grilled Skirt Steak with Watermelon Salsa screams summer with its bright colors and flavors. Easy enough to make for a weeknight, but perfect for company too. It’s a delicious dinner that is elevated even more with a Vinho Verde wine.

Things to Do This Weekend: RESOLUTE Brewing Co.’s Anniversary Party

Spending the weekend sipping Colorado beer? There are few things better. RESOLUTE Brewing Co., Centennial, Colorado’s award-winning microbrewery, is throwing a bomb 2nd anniversary party this weekend that you don’t want to miss.

Spice Up Summer with Gewurztraminer Wine Pairings

If you’re getting bored of the usual light white wines we often see served during the summer, it’s time for some Gewurztraminer. These more robust white wines are the perfect pair with bold grilled foods or spicy dishes of summer. Alsace Gewurztraminer has enough kick to match flavorful dishes while cooling down the heat factor.

Bubbly Rose Berry Sangria

Want to bring kombucha into your nightlife too? We understand. Check out their delicious recipe for a spritzy rose kombucha with rosé wine and berries to make a rosé berry sangria.

A Beautiful Rosé Bottle Fit for a Party or a Present

St. Tropez’s iconic winery Chateau Minuty has released their latest vintage of the beloved M de Minuty rosé in a new, beautiful bottle design. It’s just the thing to bring to a party or give as a gift.

Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad with Italian Rosato Toscana Wine

This Kale Caesar Salad is topped with crispy chicken, quick-pickled radishes and almonds for added crunch. Pair with this Italian Rosato Toscana wine for a perfect duo.

Vinho Verde Spritz Cocktails and Pastéis de Nata

Labor Day will soon be here. The end of summer is in sight…sigh. Stretch these last few weeks of warm days and cool nights the best way we know how… with great Vinho Verde Spritz cocktails and good food.

Keep Cool with Easy Beer Cocktails

Don’t just keep cool with a cold beer, really refresh on a hot summer’s day with these easy beer cocktails.

Planning a Delicious Menu For Your Last Summer Hoorah

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Grapefruit Frosé

If you haven’t made a refreshing batch of Frosé yet this summer, it is high time you did! Beat the heat with this citrusy sipper that is perfect to pair with sunshine and grilled foods.

Cipresseto Rosato Wine Meets Tuscan Meatballs

Try this delicious match of Cipresseto Rosato wine and a tasty variation of the Florentine Tuscan meatballs with spinach and Ricotta cheese.

A Guide to Greek Wine, and Why You Should be Drinking it

Greece is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, but it has since been left to the wayside, until now. Still producing high-quality wine, it’s time to get back into the Greek bottles. If you love crisp, mineral-forward white wines, this is especially a region you need to explore.

Grilled Fattoush Salad and BBQ Entertaining with Vinho Verde

Sponsored Post: We’re celebrating Vinho Verde wines this season. These Portuguese bottles are young, fresh,…

Summer Corn BLAT Salad with Vinho Verde Wine

This Summer Corn BLAT Salad is a deconstructed version of the classic California BLT. With the addition of fresh grilled corn, an avocado jalapeño ranch dressing and a glass of Vinho Verde wine to pair, this salad will give the traditional sandwich a run for its money.

Bloody Mary Margarita

Perfect for brunch or sipping on a hot afternoon, this Bloody Mary Margarita comes with smooth tequila and smoky chipotle.

The Perfect Wine Pairing Tips for Dining Al Fresco

Tis the season for dining outside! Check out these al fresco wine and food pairing tips and enjoy dinner out on the patio tonight.

Kombrewcha: Hard Kombucha. If You Don’t Know, Now You Know!

What is better during happy hour than a fizzy, hard drink that doesn’t leave us too buzzed too early (ehem, wine and spirits) or feeling too full (looking at you, beer)? Not much! If you haven’t already, it’s time to try Kombrewcha.

Vinho Verde Wine Paired with Peruvian Grilled Chicken with Creamy Green Sauce

This Peruvian Grilled Chicken is packed with flavor and served with a creamy green sauce. Add some international flair to your barbecue with this chicken recipe and a bottle of Portuguese Vinho Verde to pair.

Tasca d’Almerita: Have You Ever Tried Island Wine?

Most wine lovers have explore many different Italian wine regions, but have you tried Tasca d’Almerita? It is a winemaking family with vineyards on Mozia, an archaeological site in western Sicily. It’s time to try island wine.

Tired of Rosé? Drink This Young Red Wine

Rosé a bit too timid for your taste? Or maybe you’ve had your fill? This young red wine, served slightly chilled is a great wine for summer.

Vinho Verde Wine with Grilled Lamb and Mint Sauce

The star of this recipe is the herb mint sauce pairing playfully with grilled lamb and a versatile Vinho Verde wine. A delightful summer trio.

Grilled Salmon and Beaujolais Wine

Grilled salmon and a good red wine. There are few things that make us feel better on a summer night. Grill out with this boosting recipe and a beautiful Beaujolais wine.

The Journey to Make Soave Classico into More than Just a Bulk Wine

If you’re like us, you’ve probably steered clear of the Italian white wine known as Soave Classico. It’s time to change that! Stefano Inama has lead the charge in turning around Soave’s reputation to be a high-quality, food-friendly wine. And we love that it is still affordable.

Summer Picnic: Strawberry, Peach, and Almond Galette with Almond Whipped Cream and Beaujolais Wine

Check out this buttery, flaky galette with a juicy strawberry-peach filling and a crispy almond-speckled crust. It’s the perfect sweet to take on a picnic with a bottle of Beaujolais wine.

Shrimp Ceviche-Filled Avocados and Vinho Verde Wine

These Shrimp Ceviche Filled Avocados are the perfect light lunch or appetizer for summer, no cooking required. Plus, they pair perfectly with a crisp Vinho Verde wine from Portugal.

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