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Elysian: A Wine Label Paying Homage to the Land

Elysian: A Wine Label Paying Homage to the Land

A wine that represents California’s beautiful farmland? That may sound weird or boring, but stay with us! Winemaking always sounds so idyllic and romantic, but farming? Not so much. We tried Elysian, an organic California Merlot that highlights all the crucial parts of farming, growing grapes and the land itself. It’s delicious and its story is beautiful and important too.

One look at this bottle and we would have to admit that we were immediately curious. It’s a beautiful (or quirky, depending on your style) sketch of a sheep, depicting a wildflower crown and the moon and stars.

But it’s more than just a label! This Elysian wine is the product of organic farming and all the intricate workings and cycles that happen on a farm and in a vineyard. Sheep wanter through the vines during the winter, nibbling on crops between the vines and enriching the soil as they move through. It’s a beautiful, symbiotic relationship that reminds us that nature is strong, amazing and a complex ecosystem. See! Farming can be romantic and mysterious, even if it is hard work.

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Now that the bottle’s label and the farm story have caught your attention, it’s time to taste. This Merlot is complex, but don’t worry, it won’t scare away a casual wine drinker. It’s not too big or heavy on the palate, but it approachable and easy to pair with a meal. Notes of dark fruits and chocolate mingle with luscious acidity. It’s a perfect blend of elements that work together on the tongue, just like different forces f nature work together on the farm.

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