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Sticking to a Budget? Two Quality Chilean Red Wines We Love

Sticking to a Budget? Two Quality Chilean Red Wines We Love

Rent is due, you spent a bit too much pampering your love on Valentine’s Day, your wine budget has gone to paying off student loans, or maybe you’re saving for a big vacation. No matter the reason you’re pinching pennies, you don’t have to give up wine completely and you definitely don’t have to drink bad wine to stick to your budget. Check out these two high-quality Chilean red wines that you can find for around $15 or less.

It’s no surprise to us that Chilean wine has been gaining great traction with wine lovers. Wine exports from Chile have quadrupled, vineyard acreage has almost doubled, and it’s time we paid more attention to these affordable bottles.

Not sure where to start? Check your local wine shop for Chilean reds made with Pinot Noir and Carmenere grapes. Experience a different side of Pinot Noir as it thrives in this cooler region and portrays the terrior of Chile. And if you thought Carmenere was like Merlot, think again. When it thrives in Chile, it is rich, and balanced with complex spice and fruit notes.

Now that you know what section in your wine shop to had to (Chile) and what grapes to look for (Pinot Noir and Carmenere) here are two specific bottles to try that we gave two thumbs up. We tasted two bottles from Dos Almas, a winery situated along the Pacific Coast of the Andes mountains.

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Dos Almas Pinot Noir Gran Reserva
Ruby red hued, this Pinot Noir has a lovely light and fruity bouquet. On the tongue, it is playful, smooth and has perfectly balancing tannins and finishes with warm spices. This is a perfect dinner party or weeknight wine. Pair with roast chicken, salmon dishes and simple pastas.

Dos Almas Carmenere Reserva
Deeper in color, we found the Carmenere to be more intense n the palate. Less playful, but more seductive and voluminous than the previous bottle, it’s an elegant wine with dark notes of earthiness, dark chocolate and balsamic. Serve simply with a soft cheese board, a big bowl of chili, an epic burger or richer meats like lamb.

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