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Cooking the CSA Way

Farm-to-table. All-natural. Organic. All buzzwords being thrown around by restaurants and cooks these days, but even they might still be missing the point. Many parts of vegetables like their leaves or roots aren’t being used to their full potential; reserved for the compost pile. Its time for things to change. Every single part of the vegetable is usable and edible, and can transform any dish. It’s a celebration of using whole vegetables in day-to-day cookery. Come take a new look at some old friends.

Icelandic Fishing Boats

The Icelandic Cuisine – Organic and Tastes 100 Percent Natural

The Icelandic Cuisine – Organic and Tastes 100 Percent Naturall. Iceland’s land and waters are kept pure through strict regulation and age old traditions of conservation. That purity is felt even in their food. Get a Taste of Iceland in New York at the NORTH Festival October 2-7.