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Finland’s Cardamom Rolls

Warm the kitchen and yourself with this baked roll that is filled with spices, like cardamom, to ward off the winter chills.

ASK Restaurant and Helsinki's Food Scene

ASK Restaurant and Helsinki’s Food Scene

Linda Stenman-Langhof and Filip Langhof are the creative couple that run ASK, a small Scandinavian restaurant in Helsinki. Their concept is based on local produce, lots of vegetables plus a clear conscience.

Coffee Helsinki, Finland

Coffee and Cafes in Helsinki, Finland

Coffee culture has been elevated to a near art form in Helsinki and the most dedicated practitioners have a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Helsinki Foodism

The Helsinki Food Culture Report covers the success stories and lessons learned from the previous year’s culinary events in the city.

Grandma’s Finnish Biscuit

Grandma’s Finnish Biscuit

Finnish food gets a bad rap but there is plenty to love from the Scandinavian country, including this sweet, cardamom-scented breakfast loaf.


Helsinki: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Restaurateur Ilja Björs from Juuri is a barefoot Helsinkian with a creative blink in his eye. He is also one of the founding members of the Design District Helsinki and knows thearea better than most of the people.

Autumn Harvest in Finland

Finnish nature is at its most bountiful with the arrival of autumn, making September the peak season for chefs…

Restaurant Day in Helsinki

Restaurant Day in Helsinki

Four times a year, anyone in Helsinki can be their own restauranteur as hundreds of popup restaurants appear throughout the city for this carnival-like event.

Finnish Food in Helsinki

Helsinki’s Thriving Food Scene

New Nordic Cuisine and an abundance of fresh Finnish produce have transformed Helsinki into a dynamic epicurean destination.