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Visit Finland — Wild Finnish Food with Chef Sami Tallberg

Visit Finland — Wild Finnish Food with Chef Sami Tallberg

Discover the wild, weird, and wonderful world of foraged food in Finland. Chef Sami Tallberg has made it his mission and adventure to create using wild ingredients.
By Annelise McAuliffe


Photo by: Mari Limnell

Wild food roams the countryside, woods, and streams of the land of Finland with foragers following close behind. Anything that grows on its own in nature be it berries or reindeer, is dubbed “wild” and therefore becomes a beautiful, coveted item to enjoy on a plate. For as long as anyone can remember, Finnish culture included gathering wild fish, game, and plants. While today it may be slightly less commonplace, individuals and trained chefs like Sami Tallberg still forage for the prized edibles.


Sami’s favorite part of his edible career is the challenge. Finding and using seasonal, foraged products presents a delicious game with just the right amount of adventure. Portraying his country’s cuisine as being wild, colorful, and nutritional, Chef Tallberg, along with Visit Finland, is excited to present a vegetarian form of Finnish cuisine to New York City at NORTH Festival. With such a wild ingredients and seasons Sami Tallberg has learned to be a flexible chef. Planning a menu on the fly based on what fresh goodies were found that day is an element of excitement that Sami has come to cherish.


While many Finns are not located in an area that is conducive to hunting, gathering, and fishing they still love to eat the dishes made of items that others painstakingly gathered. In the 21st century, clear, bubbling streams and strong, green forests are becoming scarce. By utilizing the wild treasures of such landscapes, Finnish forages have caused people in all areas of the country to appreciate the wilderness. Through an appreciation for delicious food, nature’s resources are being respected and protected.

For those individual who do make the leap outdoors after experiencing the delicious items it holds, a satisfying adventure unfolds. And for others who are confined to a city environment, such as New York City, Sami Tallberg will come to you. This September Sami is headed to the US to share his passion for foraged Finnish ingredients. When asked what he is most excited about sharing with New Yorkers, Chef Sami Tallberg peaks our interest and begins gushing about edible, wild rose petals. Join us to discover the wild, weird, and wonderful food of Finland.

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