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Orange Zest and Cranberry Chia Jam

Stir it into your oats or yogurt, slather onto toast or a waffle, pair it with a cheese board. Whatever you do with it, this easy orange zest and cranberry chia jam will bring a delicious burst of flavor.

Berry and Chia Detox Smoothie

Every smoothie does not have to taste like banana. Find this berry version full of antioxidants and a touch of spinach and creamy coconut milk. Start your day off right!

How to Make Chia Seed Pudding

Without creating slimy goop, this video and recipe shares a delicious recipe with rich coconut milk to make a lovely breakfast or midday snack.

Osmanthus Chia Seed Chiffon Cake

Osmanthus is a flower with a soothing scent of peaches. The cake is perfect with a hint of fragrance, a slight crunch of chia, and a soft, cottony texture.


Blueberry Chia Seed Freezer Jam

Use chia seeds to thicken your jam and make it in the freezer, no stovetop required. Not only does it add a delicious texture, but fiber, too.


Chia: Ten Delicious Ways

While all of us have had slimy, flavorless chia, the seed is actually extremely versatile and delicious. Here are 10 great ways to enjoy the seeds.

Strawberry Chia Pudding

Easy & healthy strawberry chia pudding – a treat to satisfy any sweet cravings. The miraculous seed is rich in omega-3’s and helps to build muscle, too.