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Nacho Burgers

A plain burger patty thrown on the grill lets creative toppings and flavors really shine. This nacho burger has everything: salsa, queso, and avocado.

Beef Tacos – Animal Style

When you combine a copycat recipe for an iconic burger and wrap it in a tortilla, taco night will never be the same. Animal Style In-N-Out Bacon Beef Tacos.

Vegan Red Bean and Oats Burger

Vegan Red Bean and Oats Burger

These vegan patties are full of flavorful veggies and legumes that are delicious in their own right and as a healthy alternative to fast food burgers.

Ground Turkey Greek Burger

Ground Turkey Greek Burger

Turkey patties get filled with spices, herbs and shallots for flavor and topped with an array of Mediterranean accouterments before being stuffed into a pita.

Delightful Burger Buns

Delightful Burger Buns

These burger buns are one of the best recipes to start with, as they have no added difficulties if you follow the process, and the result is amazing.

Basil and Mozzarella Burger

Everyone loves a traditional burger, but why not spice it up and have some fun? Your family and friends will be intrigued in what you can come up with.

Thai Turkey Burgers

Thai Turkey Burgers

The warmer spring weather is on the rise here in Texas and that can only bring one thought to my mind – backyard grilling!

Wallenbergare Recipe

Swedish Wallenbergare Recipe

A veal burger named after the forefather of the largest industrial family in Sweden, and a true delicacy with its velvety smooth flavors.

Salmon Burger

Salmon Burgers

A warm soft, crusty bun, a nice flavorful patty oozing with juicy goodness and that magical condiment that just brings it all together.