Video – Foraging and Wild Chanterelle Bruschetta

Donna Fialkoff forages for chanterelles, among other edible mushrooms, in the forests of northern Vermont. On a day foraging with her daughter, Georgia, Donna offers fantastic advice on how to find, store and prepare wild mushrooms to highlight their subtle flavors.
By Alana Lowe and Paul Helzer

Donna teaches that if you saute chanterelles in a little bit of butter and/or oil, water will cook out of them, concentrating their flavor. She suggests cooking them with bland staples like pasta, toast, rice or eggs. Don’t use too many flavorful herbs, because they can overpower the unique flavors of the mushrooms. You can also try this recipe with shiitakes.

Alana Lowe and Paul Helzer

Alana Lowe and Paul Helzer

Alana Lowe and Paul Helzer are Brooklyn based production team who love food, eating, story telling and moving images. In their blog, Cooking by Heart, they put their production skills to use, documenting recipes as they are shared across generations. Currently, the couple is traveling in France, working on farms, and documenting traditional French recipes as they go. Their work has been featured on such blogs as ABCD's of Cooking, City Spoonful, Real Cheap Eats and Pardon My Hindi.

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Originally Published: September 7, 2012

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