Glazed Cranberry Meatballs

Need a holiday appetizer that will feed a crowd? Look no further than these glazed cranberry meatballs that are paired perfectly with a red wine to…


Sparkling Blueberry Lime Punch

Sparkling Blueberry Lime Punch made with tequila is a festive cocktail to serve at any holiday party. With only five ingredients, mix up a big batc…

Italian Wedding Soup

Dive into a hearty bowl of warm Italian wedding soup loaded with filling pork meatballs. The perfect d…

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Glazed Gingerbread Doughnuts

Making homemade donuts is easier than you think. These glazed beauties have a hint of gingerbread spic…

Peppermint Chocolate Pudding

Let this decadent vegan chocolate pudding infused with peppermint tea whisk you away for sweet delight…

Peppermint Tea Shortbread

Savor this magical time of year with peppermint tea cookies loaded with warm vanilla and peppermint fl…

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