Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Muffins

These muffins are coated in cinnamon sugar and bake up to be light and fluffy, just like a perfect doughnut, except this time they’re made in the oven.

Cranberry and Tonic

Sip away the season with a special gin we recently discovered and used to make a delicious cranberry and tonic.

The Ultimate Mimosas for Black Friday

Awake from your food coma and relax the day after Thanksgiving (and maybe after your shopping dash) with these ultimate mimosa recipes.

Spiked Apple Cider Slushee

Throw your apple cider in the freezer, then blend it up with bitters, brandy and more. The perfect cider slushee cocktail for the warmer autumn days or to refresh the tastebuds after heavy comfort food.

Host a Festive Happy Hour: Fall Apple Cocktails

Whether these are your Thanksgiving libations or you are looking to host a casual happy hour after a day at the orchard or the office, these fall apple cocktails are sure to impress. The best part? They can be prepped ahead for easy serving.

Fresh French Goat Cheese Dip

Create a stunning appetizer that is simple to make with flavorful French goat cheese and plenty of fun things to dip with.

What we’re cooking and drinking right now!

Thanksgiving Pairings with Riesling Wine

Have fun with your Thanksgiving wine pairings and serve each course with a different Riesling, all with different levels of sweetness. There really is a Riesling for every dish.

Italian Cheese Puffs

Light, airy and full of cheese, these puffs make a wonderful appetizer. Serve alongside red wine for an elegant party bite!

Put These Out for Santa This Christmas

So what snacks are you putting out for Santa this Christmas? Try this cookie flavored milk sourced from dairy farms in upstate New York. Not to forget, here is also a cookie recipe to go along with it.

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