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Oat and Apple Cake

This soft oat and apple cake is easy to make and can be served with honey or as-is with tea, cider or a glass of milk. A simple, sweet treat.

Banana Oat Pancakes

Made with whole wheat flour, maple syrup, bananas, and oats, these pancakes are healthful and easy to make in a big batch, cook and freeze until a busy morning when they are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Sweet Cherry and Wine Pie

An oat crumble crust gives and dark, sweet cherries make for a dangerous pair. With a red wine filling, this pie has a tantalizing aroma.

Pear and Oat Bread

A quick bread using rolled oats, the loaf ends up resembling a soft fruitcake. Dried cherry tomatoes add a sweet bite to accompany the moist pears.

Dairy-Free Banana Oat Smoothie

Welcome the to Banana Oat Smoothie, a cross between breakfast oatmeal and a morning shake. Made creamy with almond milk, the dairy-free drink is rich in Vitamin E and will give your skin a glow.