Tag: Rum

White Tiramisu

Without the cocoa powder, this white tiramisu is soaked in rum and has bright flavors of citrus.


Ginger Rum Fizz

With refreshing fizz, this cocktail is stirred with a ginger syrup and spiced rum. It’s perfectly simple and just what you need at the end of the week.

Blood Orange Punch

This blood orange punch is spiked with two kinds of rum and laced with cinnamon and fresh mint for a perfect balance of warm and fresh flavors.

Coconut Rum Mousse

This delightful dessert is gluten free and easily vegan-izable. It has only four ingredients: coconut cream, chocolate, salt, and rum!


The Grateful Dead Cocktail

Sweet baby Jesus, if you’re not familiar with the Grateful Dead, it’s a magical cocktail of debilitating proportions. It is a more alcoholic version of the Long Island Iced Tea.


Brown Butter and Rum Banana Bread

Classic banana bread receives a boozy and nutty twist of brown butter and rum for a perfectly moist loaf. The perfect recipe to use up over ripe bananas.

Banoffee Chocolate Tarts

This little number is undeniably rich and sweet, but man is it worth it. The filling is even touched with a hint of rum, if desired.


Boozy Piña Colada Dessert Mousse

Make this piña colada mousse a day ahead of your party for an easy dessert of coconut cream, eggs, and pineapple for tons of flavors. Rum optional.


Winter Baba au Rum

Yeast-raised sweet breads are great to cozy up with during the winter. Mix in dried fruits and soak in rum syrup after baking for a fun treat.

Rum Spiked Chocolates

A quick and tasty idea for a delicious dessert to be prepared only with a good chocolate and a few drops of rum or other dessert wine.


Peach and Rum Trifle

These mini trifles are soft & boozy bundles of sponge cake slathered with layers of custard, cream and sweet rum caramelized peaches.

Mojito Salmon with Peppers

Based on the cocktail, this salmon is doused in lime and sprinkled with rum and mint. To add a pop of flavor, three peppers are used to marinate the fish.

Mulled Pineapple Cocktail

Mulled Pineapple Cocktail

The wintery flavors of mulling spices pair surprisingly well with the tart sweetness of pineapple in this unexpected cocktail.

Apple Rum Cake

Apple Rum Cake

This is the perfect dish for anyone going apple picking this season — more apples than cake. Even if you don’t, it makes a delicious breakfast, snack or dessert.

Spiced Rum Balls

Spiced Rum Balls

Try your hand at these and you’ll find yourself buying shortbread (or making it!) to get your spiced rum balls-on!