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Three Cheese Linguine Baked Pie

This linguine baked pie comes right out of the oven crispy on top, oozing with cheese on the inside, and worthy of swirling around your fork.

Palermo’s Breadcrumb Pasta with Anchovies

This recipe is a version of the famous classic Sicilian dish “Pasta with sardines” from Palermo concocted to make the peasant’s sardine more exciting.

Handmade Orecchiette in Puglia

Listen to the stories of the women of Puglia who still make the intricate pasta by hand in their own homes, or right outside on the street.

Classic Cacio e Pepe Pasta

Cheese and pepper pasta is a classic Italian culinary excellence. An old, simple dish born from tradition with the traveling shepherds.

Basil Pesto Linguini with Cherry Tomatoes

Trying to plan your weeknight dinner? Want it to be simple but still have all the flavor? Let’s guess – you want it to take no more than 20 mins to make? Try this basil pesto with linguini and enjoy your evening with plenty of time before bed!

Simple Pasta with Beans

Italian pasta and beans is a hearty dish that’s along the lines of a pasta e fagioli – but it’s not a soup. It is rich, so grab a fork.

Slow Cooker Sausage Ragu

Slow Cooker Sausage Ragu is the perfect dish for a chilly evening. Just let the slow cooker do the work for you while you await a warm, hearty meal.


End of Summer Pasta Salad

Give summer one last hurrah with this End of Summer Pasta Salad. Fresh, seasonal vegetables pair with perfectly cooked pasta for an ideal summer sendoff.

Tuscan Pici Pasta

Tuscan pici pasta is a traditional dish made with handmade pasta. Pici are robust and can take on any kind of sauce to compliment their unique texture.


BLT Pasta

It’s the season of cool pasta salads and what could be more delicious than one of our favorite sandwiches becoming a bowl of pasta loaded with bacon and fresh vegetables.

Quick Pasta Carbonara

With five ingredients and in 20 minutes or less, you can create the classic pasta carbonara for a comforting, quick weeknight meal.

A New Look At Fresh Pasta

Pazzi Pasta in Brooklyn is taking a new look at fresh pasta. Unique ingredients, fresh grains and pasta classes. It all makes for a great experience!

Red Pepper Pistou Pasta

Red Pepper Pistou Pasta is a unique mix. Pistou, a French twist on Italian Pesto, still has the fresh flavor that you expect with a traditional Pesto.