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How to Make Raspberry Liqueur

How to Make Raspberry Liqueur

While there are fresh berries, make homemade raspberry liqueur with bold flavor that is worth the wait. Mix into cocktails or drizzle over desserts.

How to Make Raspberry Liqueur

You will never believe how easy raspberry liqueur is to make and how good it tastes!

Unfortunately this recipe isn’t something you can whip up and enjoy in tandem with us this weekend. It takes at least a month or two months, for full flavor, for this baby to be ready. But let me tell you, its worth the wait! I’m fairly certain you won’t find anything as good as this in the liquor store, and its incredibly easy to make. Just raspberries, sugar and vodka. You can even use frozen raspberries.

This beautiful liquid is like a dessert all on its own, served on the rocks, but the ways you can use it are endless… Over ice cream, in a bellini, with champagne as a mimosa, mixed with fruit juice like a punch. The list goes on and on…

How to Make Raspberry Liqueur

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How to Make Raspberry Liqueur

Once it is ready, mix it into this peach and raspberry bellini.
Click here for the recipe.

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  • Hi….looking at this delicious recipe and wondering how you strain the berries out. Or do you leave them until all of the liquor is gone. Thanks!

  • I made this with roughly two-and-a-bit cups of raspberries per mason jar, half cup of sugar, filled it to the top with vodka and let them sit in my wine fridge for about a month. I intended to wait longer but by 4 weeks the berries were fully blanched and once I tasted it, it was clear more time wasn’t necessary. It was delicious and ready to drink as-is! A single 1L bottle of vodka and (really) approximately 15 cups of raspberries produced about 2.2L of final product. To strain it I ordered a brewer’s bag (made of muslin) from a local home brew place, easy and cheap.Thanks for the tips, this stuff is terrific!

  • Why do almost all the liqueur recipes keep the size of the jar a secret? Photos are decieving. If you are going to send a recipe the size of the jar is imprtant! How many cookies, doughnuts, muffins does it make????? Facts are important. We know that YOU know these facts beause you make it. Pass the word on please. You bloggers are taking too much for granted!

  • For the raspberry liqueur how much of each do you use
    I see a jar full of raspberries fill with vodka but how much sugar?

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