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Junzi Kitchen Brings Northern Chinese Noodle Bowls to NYC

Junzi Kitchen Brings Northern Chinese Noodle Bowls to NYC

Junzi Kitchen Brings Northern Chinese Noodle Bowls and Chun Bing Wraps to NYC.

From Yale University’s go-to destination for a healthy quick bite to Columbia University’s, Junzi Kitchen brings Northern Chinese Noodle Bowls and Chun Bings  to NYC.

Founded by a group of Yale University alums, Junzi Kitchen joins the fast casual dining scene offering quick, healthy, customizable, modern Chinese food in Morningside Heights, NYC.

Using a similar approach to the fast casual Mexican mecca, Chipotle,  instead of serving burrito bowls and burritos, Junzi Kitchen serves noodles and chun bing ( Chinese string pancakes or flatbread), led by Executive Chef Lucas Sin.

photo courtesy; @Junzi Kitchen
photo courtesy; @JunziKitchen

The Food & Process

Following an assembly line process, guests can order at the counter as the Junzi Kitchen staff loads their  specialized and customized bowls and or pancakes with the Northern Chinese fillings.

Step 1: Start by selecting a base of chun bing (available in white or wheat flour) or noodle bowl (available in wide knife noodles or thin spring noodles).

Step 2: Then add the main proteins (beef, chicken, pork or tofu), before selecting stir-fry and bright seasonal vegetables such as wild cabbage, cucumber, and buddha’s palm.

Step 3: Finish off with a sauce selection, such as fermented black bean, jaja, savory soy, garlic chili, or tomato egg drop. Garnish with scallions, chili oil, and chives.

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The Restaurant

Part of Junzi Kitchen’s mission is to not only bring under-represented Chinese cuisine  to America but its culture too.

Junzi Kitchen introduces the minimalist design culture of Northern China by using it as inspiration for its dining space.The furniture in the restaurant are designed by Kaichuan Wang ( a good friend of the Junzi Kitchen team) and his pieces are reminiscent of Chinese culture. The stools are constructed in an ancient Chinese style: with plywood and without any glue or nails, which is an ancient Chinese technique.

Beyond serving Northern Chinese bings and noodles, the kitchen is open to the potential of Chinese food as a starting point for chef collaborations. Night Lunch is the late-night menu which features Chinese street foods ( fried chicken, dumplings, bread buns) as well as experimental dishes from the crew and guest chefs. This menu gives the kitchen a chance to experiment in their kitchen while also enjoying a good drink and chill atmosphere.

Visit Junzi Kitchen Columbia on located at 2896 Broadway, New York City.

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