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Boozy Punch Bowls for Memorial Day

Boozy Punch Bowls for Memorial Day

Kick off Memorial Day weekend with these 10 easy to make punch bowl recipes that minimize bartending time and maximize fun.

Memorial Day always feels like the kick-off to summer. Although the season doesn’t officially start until almost a month later, there is something about this long weekend that definitely gets everyone in the mood for summer vibes, picnics, and barbecues, safe in the knowledge that the warm weather is here to stay. Memorial Day weekend is a time for remembrance and celebration.

In honor of this, we bring to you a round-up of the best punch bowl style cocktails: crowd pleasers easy to mix up for a large group of people, perfect for an outdoor party in the sun.

Boozy Punch Bowls for Memorial

10. Pimm’s Cup

This British-born cocktail is jam packed with refreshing fruits and a lemonade mixer. No need to follow the recipe too strictly; add whichever fruits are your favorite! Where the recipe calls for lemonade, I like to use half Sprite and half cloudy lemonade.

9. White Strawberry Sangria

A light and refreshing variation on sangria that’s easy to mix together and serve in large portions. 

8. Champagne Fruit Punch

This cocktail is essentially just champagne mixed with a medley of fresh fruits. It’s so simple, but really, what more could you ask for?

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7. Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

Is there anything more refreshing or summery than a delicious juicy watermelon?

Boozy Punch Bowls for Memorial Dayshutterstock: maewshooters

6. Kiwifruit Caipiroska

A fun twist on a Caipirinha.

5. Sunset Punch

Doesn’t the name just evoke feelings of balmy summer nights?

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4. Ginger Shandies

Our first beer cocktail on the menu is just like your standard shandy but with a stronger kick of ginger.

Boozy Punch Bowls for Memorial

3. Green Tea Mojito

A mojito variation unlike the usual fruity ones.

2. Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

With bits of pomegranate seeds sprinkled throughout, this punch is fizzy and crunchy all at once.

Boozy Punch Bowls for Memorial

1. Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer

This one takes a little more prep work than the others, but once you have that down, the rest is a breeze. We couldn’t find a more summery drink than one with blueberries, lavender, and the word “spritz”.

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