Woks of Life

The Woks of Life is a blog written by a family of four living between the U.S. & China. When not packing or unpacking suitcases, they're sharing their travels and culinary exploits--from traditional Chinese to modern dishes for the everyday cook. For all the generation X's and Y's out there who love the Chinese food their parents made, but have no idea how to make it, this family's got your back!

Homemade Egg Drop Soup

Make your own restaurant-style egg drop soup in only fifteen minutes. That’s about as fast as take-out.


Beef and Scallion Stir Fry

Spicy scallions and perfectly stir fried and sauced beef make all the difference in this traditional dish. Make it at home and it will be better than Chinese takeout.


Soy Butter Glazed Steak

A simple steakhouse-style rib-eye steak is doused in and served with a soy sauce and butter glazed for a perfectly rich salty, caramelized flavor.


Baked Kimchi Cheese Fries

Baked fries with chili powder, onions, and kimchi are rounded out with melted cheese, scallions and bacon to create the ultimate snack and pick-me-up.