Indian-Inspired Summertime Dip Recipes with Baar Baar

Fresh and colorful, Baar Baar restaurant in NYC shares two Indian-inspired summertime chutneys. Transforming the…

Mumbai’s Bread Pakoda: Fried Potato-Stuffed Bread

Crispy and delicious, Stuffed Bread Pakoda is a lip-smacking street food from Mumbai that is made of potato-stuffed bread that is then fried.

Indian-Style Thandai Masala Pops

Thandai Masala is an Indian blend of nuts and spices. This version of a creamy popsicle is loaded with the blend and plenty of pistachios to top things off.

Chennai Pepper Chicken

Jazz up your pizza or taco night with an Indian inspired chicken dish or just go traditional and pair with rice or rotis!

Indian Street Food: Chicken Egg Rolls

This Kolkata-style chicken is wrapped in an egg paratha and very similar to street food you would find in India. But each is different! Here is one take on the favorite bite.

Spicy Tofu Tikka Masala

A spicy, tender and tasty tofu tikka masala which is served in a curry sauce alongside garlic naan.

Indian Rice Pudding With Cardamom From the Chef At Park Hyatt Goa

Kheer is an Indian rice pudding with cardamom and cinnamon, that’s here made in its dairy free and gluten free version.

Amrakhand: Indian Mango Yogurt

Spiced, sweetened and beautiful in color, this Indian mango yogurt, or amrakhand, is a refreshing dessert or fun yogurt snack.

Indian Style Pumpkin Curry from the Chef at Park Hyatt Goa

Mergol is an Indian style pumpkin curry that’s typical from Goa. It’s naturally paleo, dairy and gluten free and can be AIP friendly too!

Dosa: Gluten Free Indian Crepe with Coconut Chutney from the Chef at Park Hyatt Goa

Dosa is a gluten free Indian crepe that’s super easy to make as it only needs 2 ingredients! It’s dairy free too and makes for an incredibly tasty starter

Chickpea Tofu Curry

A comforting dish for the cool nights or rainy days of summer that is kept feeling light with a chickpea tofu topped with caramelized onions and cilantro.

Potato Vindaloo Curry

Dive into a bowl of this spicy potato vindaloo curry, a delicious Indian vegetarian dish that is quick to make for lunch or dinner.

2 Versions of Baked Samosas

Baked Keema Samosa is a very famous Indian snack prepared using mutton keema and wheat flour with step by step photos. Here are both baked and fried versions. Also shared Keema Samosa recipe made using maida – all purpose flour.

Chaal Kumro Chingri: Ash Gourd with Shrimp

The food we grow up with brings us nostalgia in our later years. The beauty of these dishes is that is it special to each family and we can pass it on to our loved ones like secret heirlooms.

How to Make Za’atar

Za’atar is a combination of a handful of different spices that packs a punch of flavor. Simply grind and put into a sealed container and sprinkle on almost anything!

Gobi Pakora: Spiced and Battered Cauliflower Florets

How to prepare an easy pakora variety made using cauliflower / gobhi. Whenever winter season arrives and the vegetable market are stocked up with cauliflowers, the first thing to make is gobi pakora. Sprinkle with little chat masala and serve with tea or coffee.

Rava Bhat: A Savory and Light Indian Dish

Stay on track with this light and savory Indian recipe made with whole grains.

Dhingri Matar – Mushroom and Peas in a Poppy Seed and Cashew Gravy

The dhingri matar is a delicious combination of Mushrooms and fresh green peas, simmered in a luscious, thick gravy.

Easy Dal Fry with Spiced Flatbread

There’s something incredibly comforting this time of year (or anytime for that matter) about a warming bowl of dal. The combination of herbs and spices (asafoetida, turmeric, chile powder, cumin seeds, garam masala, and curry leaves) along with fresh ingredients (onions, tomatoes, fresh ginger, and garlic) make this dish come alive.

Dhingri Matar- Mushroom and Peas in a Poppy Seed and Cashew Gravy

The dhingri matar is a delicious combination of Mushrooms and fresh green peas, simmered in a luscious, thick gravy.

South Indian Squash Curry

Dive into a bowl of this Indian Squash Curry, a delicious vegetarian dinner simmered with fragrant spices and rich coconut milk.

Chicken Kheema Kofta Curry

Chicken Koftas simmered in tomato and onion gravy is the best meal on a weekday or a weekend

Fish Tikka Bites with Green Chutney

There’s still time to enjoy some delicious foods on the barbecue. So fire up your grill and get ready for lip-smacking Fish Tikka Bites served on Pita with some green chutney and treat your taste buds to a carnival of flavors.

Rajma Masala – Red Kidney Beans in a Spiced Tomato Gravy

The taste of Rajma (red kidney beans) cooked in a tomato onion gravy enriched with spices (Masala) makes you ask for more. Rajma Masala is usually had with steaming hot rice along with a side of sliced onions and some hot peppers for extra zing.

Safed Aloo: Potatoes in White Sauce

India is a place of such diversity that the food and ingredients can change entirely within a few miles you travel. Within the same region, there are differences and even bigger differences when you step into another state. A whole new world, a whole new meal.

Simple Indian Sweets Recipe for Festival Time

Try this simple Indian sweets recipe to serve during the season of festivals in September.

Tandoori Asparagus

The asparagus season is short-lived, so take advantage of creating simple yet flavorful dishes with them while they last!

Chunky Mango Chutney

This Mango Chutney works great with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Sweet and tangy condiment will improve your favorite curries and more.

Indian Rice Donuts with Fresh Coconut Chutney

These Indian rice doughnuts are very loosely based on a South Indian snack called Medhu Vada. Medhu Vada are made from black gram lentils (urad dal). Instead of using dal as the key ingredient of the Indian rice doughnuts I decided to mix things up a little and use basmati rice.

Puliyogare – Tamarind Rice

South Indian tamarind rice, or puliyogare, brings mouth-watering sweet, spicy, and tangy bites to a meal. It is perfect to be made ahead for a picnic and served with cool yogurt and a crispy cracker-like bread.

Crispy Paneer Pakoda Fritters

Fried twice, this paneer or cottage cheese comes out crispy and delicious. A perfect appetizer dish served with a sweet chutney.

Masala Aloo Potatoes

A simple Indian potato dish, known as masala aloo, is a great recipe often served to celebrate Holi. It literally brings new life to the table with its bold spices.

Slow Cooked Lamb Curry

A tender, slow cooked lamb curry and potatoes is flavored with bold spices for a delicious hearty combination. Enjoy with flatbread.

Easy Paneer Bhurji

A comforting dish, this easy paneer bhurji is a perfect vegetarian sandwich filling and delicious served with roti.

Pav: Indian Bread Rolls

A common street food, soft pav rolls are best when made fresh and served with bhaji, a beautiful blend of vegetables cooked with spices.

Eggplant and Potato Curry

A simple side often served with Indian flatbread, eggplant and potato curry is a flavorful dry curry-style dish also known as aloo baingan.

Baingan Bharta: Indian Eggplant and Rice

Try a colorful, smokey eggplant dish that is a perfect warm bowl for a cool autumn day as we feature the last of fall’s produce.

Black Eyed Peas Curry

A vegetarian black eyed pea dish made with sorrel spinach is perfect as a flavorful side dish or served as a main meal with rice or roti.

Grilled Paneer Tikka with Cilantro Chutney

Grilled, spiced paneer is first marinated for an awesome burst of flavor and is later served with a cilantro and mint chutney.

Paneer-Filled Aloo Tikki

There’s nothing like street food in India, but you can recreate the famed fried potato cakes, aloo tikki, filled with spices and paneer.

Parotta: South-Indian Breakfast Bread

A traditional tossed and then griddle-cooked breakfast bread that is perfect for soaking up spicy vegetable kurma.

Paratha: Spiced Meat-Filled Flatbreads

A common street food, Mughlai paratha is shallow fried with delicious, peppery fillings. Try the buttery flatbread with a simple potato curry or chutney.

Spiced Strawberry Lassi

The yogurt based drink takes a hint from spring with sweet strawberries, plus receives an addition of cardamom and a splash of rosewater.

Homestyle Rajma Masala

A flavorful, simply-made bowl of rajma with fresh roti. Be ready for a creamy, not-too-spicy dish with a dollop of cream and a fried chili on top.

Dak Bungalow Lamb Curry

A hearty lamb mutton curry with a generous dose of spice, inspired by the colonial Indian outposts called Dak Bungalows.

A Special Holi Drink: Thandai

Celebrate the Holi Festival with this cold, sweet drink made of almonds, spices, and milk.

Quick and Easy Egg Curry

One of the easiest curry side dishes, egg curry can be quickly prepared and served with roti, bread, or rice for a hearty meal.

Masala Dosa: Rice and Lentil Crepe

Dosa is a crisp crepe with a spongy, melt in the mouth interior, which encases a mildly spiced potato and onion curry, that is dipped in coconut chutney.

How to Make Crispy Indian Savory Crepes: Onion Rava Dosa

Onion rava dosa is a popular south-Indian breakfast that is irresistible when golden brown. Unlike regular dosa, this dosa is quick.

Sweet Potato Roti Flatbread

Soft and chewy, these breads are lightly spiced with a touch of sweetness from the potatoes. They are the perfect balance for serving with spicy curries.

Potatoes in Yogurt: Aloo Raita

This beautiful side dish is a simple base with a creamy tang of yogurt that is then spiced up with herbs and chilis.

Indian-Style Spiced Stir-Fry Cabbage

Stir-fried cabbage with fennel uses cumin, coriander, ginger, and garam masala to create a flavorful side dish that can quickly be made for a gathering.

Spinach Dal: Palakura Pappu with Methi Leaves

Pappu or dal is a quintessential dish of Andhra Pradesh, the southeastern state of India. Fenugreek gives this protein-rich vegetarian dish great flavor.

Paneer Stuffed Peppers with Pea Chutney

Reminiscent of a mattar paneer, these mini stuffed peppers are a delicious two-bite appetizer. Enjoy them warm out of the oven.

Puffed Bhadang Snack

Bhadang is a spicy snack made from puffed rice, garlic coconut chutney and nuts.

Kerala Style Pepper Chicken

Pepper chicken also known as kurumulaku chicken is an easy and quick Kerala style chicken dry roast. Adjust the spice to your taste.

Tender Dum Pukht Meat and Vegetable Kebab

Dum pukht is a method of kebab that cooks the meat in a sealed pot with aromatic spice until it is perfectly tender.

Kaplanga: Mashed Papaya Curry

Kaplanga or papaya is cooked in a coconut based curry and helps to thicken the dish before it is served over rice.

Yogurt Kaalan Curry with Kohlrabi

This curry side dish is traditionally made with bananas or yams. We love it with the mild kohlrabi that instantly soaks up the irresistible curry flavors.

Butter chicken

Simple, Satisfying Butter Chicken

The secrets to perfect butter chicken, no take-out required. With this recipe you can adjust the heat to your liking and enjoy a night in.