Mini Chocolate Frosted Funfetti Cakes

These mini chocolate-frosted funfetti cakes are the perfect little treat for two.

Strawberries and Tres Leches Cake

This Tres Leches cake is one of those cakes that is easy to make and should be made several days in advance to taste great. Top each slice with fresh strawberries and whipped cream for a perfectly seasonal dessert.

Strawberry Chocolate Tuxedo Cake

This chocolate tuxedo layer cake gets a splash of pink with a super fresh and flavorful strawberry mascarpone icing that finishes the dessert off with some major class.

Funfetti Cake – No Box Needed

Make a soft white funfetti cake complete with celebratory sprinkles that is way better than the box version.

Italian Holiday Table: Red Pepper Shrimp Pasta and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Make an Italian-inspired holiday meal that keeps you out of the kitchen and celebrating with family. Dish out a comforting shrimp pasta, finishing with a whole wheat chocolate olive oil cake.