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5 Ways to Make Brown Rice

5 Ways to Make Brown Rice

Today it is all about Brown Rice. Try these 5 ways to make a tasty and satisfying meal.

5 Things to do with Brown Rice

I. Brown Rice? Oh-Uh. How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice in 3 Steps [Under 15 mins]

Ok, first – Here is a quick and fool proof way to cook it in less than 15 minutes. Trust me. Since I zeroed in on this method three years ago, I never looked back and since then my beloved white rice got dethroned by brown rice!

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II. a salad.. may be: Brown Rice Ratatouille Salad
The below photograph is very very dear to me. Those beautiful hands holding the salad bowl are my little sister’s. It was taken couple of years ago, when we both were vacationing at my mother’s place. I tried this salad recipe with some left over brown rice and asked her to model for me. Now, times have certainly changed; we are continents apart but the memory is forever treasured in this one picture; with the magic of her presence and the bursting flavors from ratatouille still lingering in me.
III. Make a burger patty: Brown rice and Black Lentil Burgers

I am a sucker for burgers and look for every excuse to make some. Now, with such fetish, it is always a good idea to search from healthy options and the result is this recipe which also features my other weakness – bagels. That non-so-noticeable-but-very-much-present belly fat I flaunt under by blouses is because of eating an everything bagel + cream cheese for breakfast for years. Sigh!

My mother makes a kick-ass ajwain flavored rice every time we have extra white rice in our fridge. There were times when we used to coax her to make some for breakfast. In this recipe, brown rice is substituted for white rice. A little note for those who never tasted carom seeds before. They taste like thyme but with a sharper and pungent flavor profile. They are very aromatic and surely an acquired taste (I think!) with lots of medicinal properties.
Brown Rice Bisibelebath
V. Brown rice BisibelebathEvery time I look at this below photograph (taken 6 odd years ago!), I realize how far I have come in terms of learning food photography. As a completely self-taught skill, I sometimes beam with pride and get this sense – anything is achievable with time & practice. :-) It is ok to brag about oneself occasionally. Isn’t it? tee-hee! If you are looking for a simple one pot meal, then this bisibelebath served with pickle or papad or raita will make your day.
Do you have any favorite brown rice recipes? Feel free to share them in the comments section as I would love to check them out. Hope you all have a great week ahead.
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