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Mexican Red Hot Sauce

In Mexico, bottled hot sauce is used everyday to spice up street fare such as potato chips, fruit cocktails, popcorn, and other fried foods sold as snacks in plastic bags. It is also used in some seafood cocktail preparations and alcoholic drinks.


Desayuno Norteño: A Mexican Breakfast

Here in Nuevo León we have very unique dishes and customs. The key is to always try and use local and regional ingredients to prepare the recipes, as that gives them a particular authenticity and value. Out of the three meals we make everyday, breakfast is the most important one, for it’s the one that we commence our day with.


Strawberry and Cucumber Salsa

This salsa is easy to whip up and you can easily control the spice level. It’s colorful and eye-catching, providing lots of energy for the pool or beach.


Nacho Burgers

A plain burger patty thrown on the grill lets creative toppings and flavors really shine. This nacho burger has everything: salsa, queso, and avocado.

Tart Raspberry Salsa

A bright salsa perfect for tortilla chips or with poultry and fish. The sweet-tart raspberries are mellowed with spicy jalapeños, salt, and cilantro.


Breakfast Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican egg dish with fried corn tortillas and salsa. Add onions, crema, a squeeze of lime juice and wash it down with a michelada.

Grilled Peach Salsa

Grilled Peach Salsa

Use this salsa to bring some summer flavors to your favorite protein, or just serve with chips for a twist on the usual dip.