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Holiday Appetizers with Brussels Sprouts

Their “pop-able” nature makes brussels sprouts a prime ingredient for appetizer trays, but there’s so much more to sprouts than that. They’re bite-sized and adorable, sure, but they’re just as delicious deconstructed and loaded into cheesy dips or piled atop flatbreads and crostini. Check out these 10 fun ways to work them into your holiday lineup.

Labneh and Beet Chips

Smoky cumin and garlic seasoned baked beet chips are accompanied by a lemon labneh dip for a refreshing snack that will cure your cravings without weighing you down.


Tart Raspberry Salsa

A bright salsa perfect for tortilla chips or with poultry and fish. The sweet-tart raspberries are mellowed with spicy jalapeños, salt, and cilantro.

Kerala Banana Chips

Kerala Banana Chips

Banana Chips or Ethakka Upperi is arguably the most popular snack in Kerala that also finds its place in all Kerala Sadya.

Cumin Chard Chips

Cumin Chard Chips

If your chard is thicker and tougher, you may need to bake for a bit longer. Just take them out when the leaves are translucent and crisp.