How to Make Sous Vide Yogurt

Making yogurt means rearranging the curds and whey of milk. It takes two ingredients and a water bath to make a smooth bowl of yogurt perfect for a sauce base or snack.

Find the full written recipe here.


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  1. I already make my own yogurt but I have to congratulate you on a video that makes clear how easy and dependable the process actually is. I’ve shared my method with friends many times to polite responses but when I shared your video several have already reported that they made their first batches and are delighted with the results.

    I make mine a little differently. I’m sure you also add flavors when the spirit moves you but I wonder if you’re familiar with Vietnamese style with condensed milk added to the heating milk. It gives it a pleasant sweetness that just takes the edge off the tart part of the profile.

    My other big exception is that I — like many other home cooks, I’m sure — don’t have a sous vide rig. But I do have a microwave with an insulated cavity. I simply inoculate and jar my yogurt and place it in the microwave overnight. In the morning I transfer it to the fridge. In the colder months I put a teapot of boiling water in there with the jars. Perfectly passive and effective!

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