Bebop Hop Chocolate Bar – Beer and Chocolate in an Unholy Union

Resident beer geek Joakim Bergman tries out the BeBop Hop chocolate bar from Lake Champlain Chocolates and the Long Trail Brewing Co.
By Joakim Bergman

Bebop Hop Chocolate Bar - Beer and Chocolate in an Unholy Union

A small package arrived at the Honest Cooking HQ a couple of days ago, containing a very interesting piece of chocolate, namely a malt syrup filled and cascade hop infused chocolate bar from Vermont business Lake Champlain Chocolates. They have, in conjunction with another Vermont-ian, the Long Trail Brewing Co. concocted a chocolate bar made to taste like beer. Interesting, to say the least.

So how does it taste? All in all, I kinda like it. The bitterness of the syrup filling married surprisingly well with the sweet chocolate, and the overall taste is well balanced. It’s heady aroma reminded me of Swedish brewery Oppigårds, and their pale ale Amarillo APA with it’s grassy tone and subtle hints of citrus.

Overall, a fun experiment that resulted in a surprisingly well rounded chocolate bar, designed for hop maniacs and chocolatiers alike.

Joakim Bergman

Joakim "Jocke" Bergman has a deeply rooted obsession for finding new and interesting brews. As a Web Editor and Resident Beer Geek at Honest Cooking, he combines that obsession with a genuine love of good food, drinks and cooking. Jocke is also one of the founders and brewers at Unibärsum brewery and a mean metal guitarist.

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