It’s (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable Garden

It may seem a tad early, but now is when we start planning our herb, fruit and vegetable gardens. Check out Darina Allen’s new cookbook that is helping us do it this year.

It's (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable Garden

Winter is when we sit down with our notebooks, write down what edible delights we would like growing in our garden, sketch out rows and trellises to see if they’ll fit and begin ordering seeds. Before you know it, it will be time to start those babies indoors so they will be ready to head outside as soon as spring arrives. This year, we’re extra stoked to start the process thanks to Darina Allen’s new cookbook, Grow Cook Nourish: A Kitchen Garden Companion in 400 Recipes

It's (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable GardenAfter explaining how to grow chard, the book shares this recipe for Swiss Chard with Tahini, Yogurt, and Toasted Cashew Nuts.

Darina runs a world-renowned cooking cooking school in County Cork, Ireland. Not only does she teach traditional Irish recipes, but also how to survive of off local foods from a garden or farmers’ market. The book breaks down tons of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, nuts and herbs and shows readers how to sow, plant, care for, get rid of pests on, and even harvest each type of food. Then, Darina shares recipes and tips for cooking what you have grown. We just might be choosing what to put in our garden this year based on the recipes…

It's (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable GardenA vegetable garden in a timber pallet.

It's (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable GardenRoasted Sweet Potatoes with Chamomile, Honey and Pumpkin Seed

The book also offers tips on what you should grow based on your climate or soil type and solutions for small yards. And if the fun and rewarding nature of gardening isn’t enough, Darina also outlines the positive economic, personal health, and environmental impact you can have when you garden. If you’re looking for a gift this year for a new gardener, this is it!

It's (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable GardenShaved Radish and Beet Salad

It's (Already) Time to Start Planning Your Vegetable GardenTips on how to grow microgreens, because it is way cheaper than buying them in the store.

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