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Wineram Australia Episode 2 – Yarra Valley

Wineram Australia Episode 2 – Yarra Valley

Wineram Australia

In Episode 2 of the 8 part series, Presenter Colin West departs from northern Victoria after visiting the Strathbogie ranges with Matt Fowles to hit up the state’s capitol city of Melbourne.
By Colin West

Just a short morning’s drive from the city is Phillip Island and Yarra Valley.
Phillip Island hosts an array of water-based activities from surfing, kayaking and even hosting the nation’s largest fur seal colony. Yarra Yering’s senior winemaker Paul Bridgeman comes to meet Colin and revisit his childhood surfing grounds around the island while also getting up to some kayaking and checking out seals before he takes Colin back to show him all about Yarra Yering and exactly how he makes their top wines through small batch fermentations.

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