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Soy and Honey Chicken with Couscous

“Dirty” couscous is cooked with vegetables and Creole spices to give a soiled appearance, and it is delicious. Top with soy and honey chicken for a delightful weeknight dish.

Lemon Harissa Couscous Cakes

Lemon couscous cakes take their flavor from fresh scallions and spicy Harissa. Top with Crème fraîche or tagine for a delicious combination.

Eggplant Tagine with Couscous

A Moroccan tagine that is comforting with plenty of protein from the chickpeas. The beautiful mix of spices transports you to an exotic Marrakesh market.

Couscous Salad

Couscous Salad

Couscous, a coarsely ground pasta made of semolina wheat, is a versatile ingredient that works as basic canvas for the bright falvors in this salad.